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Art References
the higher up on the list, the more I want art of them. 8Db


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hi there that's a gaia avatar, oh god. but she has potential in becoming an OC. ;-; as;kasdf IDK I JUST LIKE HER A LOT and I want art for her the most.
Personality I want to say she's flirty or sexy, but she's not. well, not entirely. she's just confident. confident in her own beauty and her wits and her $$$ power.
Notes You can leave out the weird gold ribbons in the back, and the birds, ahaha, although the birds may be cute. on her belly button are two tattoos overlayed. it's basically a gold X under a small red sun tattoo. her masque is more GLASSES than mask. just think of rhinestone-encrusted gold glasses shaped like that. if you really don't like it, you can have it in her hand or something?
feel free to embellish and do your own thing as well, especially with poses and additional accessories and such. I won't mind at all.
for friendship art: this guy's name is chuc, and lol "WE MATCH", if you're interested in doing friendship art, that's the ref you got. *dies*
Other References x x x x x x x


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Personality he's a good gentleman. not perfect, but if he asks you out, you'll find yourself saying yes. you'll find him opening the door for you, and you'll find him offering to pay for dinner, but if you want to split the check, he won't stop you. he's really keen on getting what he wants, though. if he doesn't, no big deal, but he's the kind of jackass that'll say no even after you've explained how hungry you are and how desperately you need to buy that last microwave that he has his claws on. still, he has this real mellow presence around him that just makes you feel calm, you know? unless you're mad at him; then he just gets you madder. but he won't snap back. no. not even when you declare to the whole world that his bedsheets are pink. he has no shame.
Hobbies nabbing those free lollipops from dentists jars meant for little kids, watching television, eating frosting, sweets in general.
reference sheet

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Personality uhh, she's really normal. a little curious, but nothing much more than that. she's the nice girl you see in ice cream shops, hanging out with a few girlfriends, smiling and laughing along, and talking too. not the center of attention, but just there.
References reference sheet x x x x x x x
Notes I'd actually like to adhere to the outfit here, this time, so less free reign on that. The skirt can be modified, accessories and patterns added, but for the most part, don't change what's already here, haha. the hair style resembles the one on mene (the curls), with extra buns and sidesweep bangs. don't ask if that's really possible IRL; I have no idea AHHAA.

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Personality She's not mean, but she's not nice, either. She's cunning, she's sly, she'll get what she wants, but she's more "hey look blackmail" than "hey I'm going to shove this cake up your face". so she's probably smiling, but never really open-mouthed smiling. just smiling like she knows something you don't want her to know.
References lol tiny doll is tiny x
Notes you can change up her outfit, really. add embellishments, change the style of her shirt and jeans. just keep her personality.

User Image
ADDY part of a twin
Personality She's really rather hyper. Hyper happy fun. She's blunt more than anything else, but cheerful, and has a good heart. She laughs and smiles a lot, and she dresses real simple but preppy.
Addy's References "official" reference x x x
Notes Her hair color is a little more golden than wheat blonde. I don't care what she wears (the reference is just a really basic guideline) as long as it's light and tight and preppy. she likes her pinks, but she also likes her other colors as well. if she's wearing a skirt, the skirt must be SHORT. she doesn't wear lace, and her hair is always put up. what style is up to you.

User Image
AFFINITY part of a twin
Personality She's really mellow. Not much of a smile on her face, but she isn't sad or anything. just rather mellow. there. thinking, empty. sort of like a doll, but not jointy and plastic. the good kind. the kind that doesn't speak much, but is very... serene. at peace. and you're calm too, when you see her.
Affinity's References x x x x x x xx x x
Notes Have her wearing anything really lacey and girly is fine. I like the navy blues on her best. her hair color is rather wheat than golden blonde. she wears skirts all the time, and her hair is always put DOWN. I really like extra frills and other accessories on her. <3

User Image
AFFINITY & ADDY are twins in the opposite way.
Additional References of Them Together x x x x

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