So I went to Mason's party last night with Azzy, Dustin, Aaron, Chloe, and of course Mason himself. It was pretty fun. X3 We were really hyper for most of the night. Me and Dustin were up practically all night then we fell asleep in the morning... XD The trailer is a mess because of him lol, throwing grapes and chocolate everywhere. Every time Azzy and Aaron fell asleep we made sure to wake them up. >.> "DR. OCTAGONAPUS BLAAAHH" ... oh good times. X3

We also went to see Zach at some point, and he was near the Rec Center where there had been a party, and there was drunk teenagers of course. The smart person that I am, I was curious about what was going on over there and ran over to check it out lol. You'd think I was running into rape the way everyone acted. Well, tbh I could of been. >.>

Okay so yeah, the night mostly consisted of that for me. XD Oh, but I have a boyfriend now. o___o It's not hard to guess who, right? XD

Okay well, that's all for now. ♥ I was invited for D&D and I said I'd go in like an hour-ish... although personally I wish I had more then an hour to myself, but meh. XD Okay, Eternal says out~