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Twilight Eclipse: the pangolin's burrow.
If you really want to know what goes on inside my head, inside my soul, enter. If I ever remember to actually use this, you should be prepared for anything.
Five years.
As of midnight, yes, I will have been here on Gaia five years.

A few points, maybe reiterations, maybe not.

1) About the twilight eclipse.

The twilight (elsewhere, I've been known to use the Japanese term tasogare) is a symbol of transition, as well as the middle ground between extremes. Eclipses are, of course, caused by the alignment of earth and two other cosmic bodies - usually associated with the sun and moon. The nisshoku or solar eclipse is peculiar in its duality - it obscures the sun's blinding light, and briefly reveals the night sky behind it. Thus, it too is a symbol.

The twilight, of finding truth neither in the light nor in the darkness, but where both and neither coexist. And the eclipse, of finding truth without being blinded by dogma. Or something like that.

It must be said, then, that my use of the term "twilight eclipse" has nothing whatsoever to do with Stephenie Meyer and her book series. I anticipate that this point will become much stickier as 12/12 and the Twilight movie release approach.

2) About vampire fic, and the like.

Anakin said it best: DO NOT WANT. Honestly, the closest I come to liking vampire ANYTHING would be Darkstalkers... and the awesomely cool Count Duckula.... and, well, Vlad Cepes (or Tepes; actually pronounced more like Tsepesh) was part of European history, love him or hate him.

In with obvious groaner puns:
It's self-evident that most vampires are magic-users, due to the fact that so many are portrayed as neck-romancers. And yes, vampires suck. There, I said it.

3) Cheesy 80's cartoon: Visionaries. If you live in the UK... buy it. If not... find a way to buy it. Only 13 episodes, you can get through it in an afternoon... and it's full of lols and more references to death than most cartoons of its time. Not to mention over the top acting: "That's because they were idiots! I know the magic... I control the magic... I AM THE MAGIC!!111!1" This easily beats out the movie Skeletor's "I... am... a... GOD!!!" and rivals "This! Is! SPARTAAA" of 300 fame.

More some other time.

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  • User Comments: [7]
    Happy Gaiaversary!

    ...Also werewolves>vampires IMO. Less Emo. XD

    comment Cube B · Community Member · Sat Jul 26, 2008 @ 01:08am
    Congratulations on your Gaiaversary! And thank you for helping make it for all of us 4laugh
    I shall have to check out this visionaries series ^^
    ~Azurae Skye

    comment Azurae Skye · Community Member · Sat Jul 26, 2008 @ 04:06am
    Congrats on the Gaia-anivers-thday.

    Yes, vampires suck. And what is with their morbid aversion of mirrors?

    And I found it quite odd that my reCAPTCHA for this comment was "may day". Mayday as in "SOS" or may day as in "do as bunnies do"?

    I shall leave you to ponder that last one.

    comment Kiyoske Dante · Community Member · Sat Jul 26, 2008 @ 10:34am
    Vampires avoid mirrors because they don't have reflections. Thus they'd be outed. XD

    comment Cube B · Community Member · Sat Jul 26, 2008 @ 10:40pm
    I shall try to find that series then.

    comment Cleocatra · Community Member · Sun Jul 27, 2008 @ 07:17pm
    im just typing this to get gold lol

    comment iChubz · Community Member · Tue Aug 12, 2008 @ 05:11am
    be careful saying such things dear, there's craaaazy people out there(namely twilight fans), they don't like to hear someone who's of a different opinion xd
    Speaking of vampires, I really liked Dracula(the movie) with Gary Oldman, but only because he's so heart heart heart

    comment Carmarthen · Community Member · Wed Feb 18, 2009 @ 05:20pm
    User Comments: [7]

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