"You aren't worth finishing off," He said and flashed menacing and sickening pearly white teeth at me. He teeth were too perfect to hold one drop of what I suppose he only saw now as b*****d blood. He stayed there for hours it seemed as I floated in and out of consciousness. Every once in a while he would wipe his cold fingers across my throat then put them in his mouth. All I could feel was a coming cold that would one day be permanent.
I wasn't even aware that he was waiting until my wound closed. I had always been a bit of a slow healer. I would have to wear a bandage for the tiniest scrape for a week. I wasn't anemic or anything. My blood was perfectly fine. O+ The most common blood type but I was not the most ordinary person. Not anymore anyway.
My parents were humans who had, against many, many warnings, decided to persuade vampires to do tests on them promising that they would never tell anyone their secrets. No one fell for it but for one female who insisted that she did not want to be a vampire any longer. She wanted more than anything to become human again.
My parents explained to her that it would take time to make any sort of break through. It wouldn't be an instant cure. The woman was adament though.
For a few months it worked. Scans of her anatomy and asking plenty of questions passed on in our basement. She never stayed more than a couple of hours and she never drove. She just suddenly appeared unawares. I don't even remember her name.
When Rasmussen, the male I dreamed of often, found out that his woman had consented to my parents tests he was furious. I knew it was the end of my life forever.
It was until my mother decided to put her faith wholly into God's hands. All I had to do was the same. Not easy for a nine year old with cliched and mythically murdered parents.