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Roleplay Characters Here is my characters for that I use in RPs.

Zero Epoch
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Nanashi Igaski
Name: Nanashi Igaski
Race: Kitsune
Age: Appears 21, but is actually in his late 60s
Sex: Male

Bio: Growing up near a sacred village, Nanashi (no name) grew up wondering what the people in the village were doing. As he grew older, he was able to shift into a human form finding that shinobi clan lived in the village. The shinobi clan, being knowledgeable in the ancient lore, accepted the kitsune into thier clan. They trained him in the secret arts. His agility and flexibility made him great at maneuvering. After years of training, they made him a member of the Igaski clan. After donning their uniform, he was sent to pick up an item. On his way home after his first successful mission, he came back to find that the village had been destroyed. Saving the few he could, he help moved the injured clan leader. The leader, handed over the Igaski's clan greatest heirloom, the sacred sword of Nichiya, asking him to help rebuild the village. Taking up the sword, and the master's mantle, he became the new head of the Igaski. Right now, he is currently seeking the people who destroyed his village. As a ninja, he will take almost any job for money or items of great value, as long as it okay by him. He doens't know what happen to his parents, but the people of the sacred village is his family now, and he does everything to help them.

Powers: Being a Kitsune, his body is very flexible and agile, this is further improved with his shinobi training. One of his main abilities he learned was Hirenkyaku, a technique that allows him to move so fast, it as though he is unseen. This technique is also known as the god step, as it is able to work in air sometimes. Being of kitsune descent, he learned to have slight psionics, though he never pushed it. He has mild form of telepathy, though it only shows in his fox form. The main use of his psionics, is the ability to hide his presence completely, clouding other people's minds, or just simply, sitting in a corner and making feel like no one's there. Nanashi also posses dark sight. He does not have any really type of magic besides the ability to shift into a fox form, which is just slighlty larger then a normal fox.

Appearance: He stands at 6'1'', with long flowing silver hair. He has fox ears and tail, of smooth black fur, with blue tips. His eyes are blood red, with a blue strip across his face. He wears a steal plated head band. He wears a black belted out fit, that fits a little loosely. He has little armlets and anklets that float above his clothing. He has a short black cape that hangs off his shoulders, that comes down to his knees. Onside his head, he wears a black kitsune mask, more or less as a joke. Over his mouth, he wears a red mask, that keeps him from breathing in toxins and the such.

He is able to transform into a black fox, with blue symbols going down teh length of his body. He is slightly larger then a normal fox. His fox form still has his katana and the mask. He wears the mask over his fox face, since it hanging of the side of his head is more of an annoyance in this form. He is still able to wield the Nichiya in this form, and often does.

Kunai: His first weapon of choose, of course, he carries several at once, including some filled with explosive powders. The rarest form he uses are kunai filled with an airborne toxin. This toxin doesn't kill, but instead paralysis or knockout opponents.

Nichiya: A sword that is passed down in the Igaski clan. Only the Clan leader may wield it. It sits in a black sheath, made from solid carbon steal, forged till it turned black. The sword itself has a black handle, wrapped normal. The Same is made from very fine leather. The ornaments, pegs and the tsuba are made from black carbon steal, from the kashira there hangs a bell from a thin cord. When the blade's drawn, it is revealed the sword is a broken katana. It's blade only extends up about six inches, on one side, the name Amaterasu, on the other is the name Tsuki-Yomi. When Nanashi pulls out the sword, and thinks or says the name Amaterasu, a heavenly light shines, creating the a blade of solar energy. By thinking or saying Tsuki-Yomi, a blade of dark energy forms. Whenever balde is activated, it is revealed to be a daikatana in length. Supposedly, there is a third form, but no clan leader has haver shown it.

The reason Nichiya was so useful to shinobi was that it was always hidden when in the form of Tsuki-Yomi. Assinations are easier when the blade is hidden just as much as the shinobi.

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