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Sevina... The war over earth... And her Father....
She stood swaying sligtly. Blood dripped steadly down her arm and side, soaking her clothes and splashing the ground. She glared at the magnificent man behind the boy. His long golden hair had come loose in the battle, and shimmered in the breaze.
He met her eyes with cold hatered. "I will never claim a disgrace such as you as a daugher. Your filthy mother was mistaken. I could never have sired such filth such as you." He sneared at her.

"You call yourself an angel? Ha! For the commander of heavens great army, you hide behind boys. You have even sent your own son, bairly a man to fight what you have yourself called a weak half-breed?" She snarled at him. Her violet eyes where now a solid white.

"Take her now, Valarian!" He shoute at the youth standing in frount of him. "But she is my sister, father. I cant......" The boys refusal was cut short by the glimmering blade that now showed plainly pircing his chest.

"Noone that cant kill a demon will live to see a second day!" The commander snarled as he pulled his rubied sword out of the limp body.

"He was your son..."She said in shock. Valarian was his only pure blood son... Her father was truy mad.

She snarled in rage as he came at her. Blows swong, parred, and blocked. The war around them stopped as the soldiers of both armys relized the two commanders were in battle. It was a terrifingly beautyfull sight. Perfict balance, like a gracefull dance of death.

In one flashing second, one mistake, and She was standing over his gloriouse body. His head swinging grotescly from its blood stained hair in her hand. She looked down. Her fathers sword was protruding from her back, the only thing she could see was the rubied hilt firmly pressed against her chest.

Stumbling she held up the head for all to see. The war was over, earth and heaven where cocoured.
"Its over. I hear and now declare Heaven a closed doorway for any and all demons as Hell is for all angels. Earth will never again be threatened by heaven or hell. It is a nutral place. That is my right as the triumphant. It is Law."
She said softly.

She threw the head down onto the ground. It mixed into the bloodied soil, now hidden amungst the other bodies. She now knew her curse. As the triumphant, she was now cursed. She would become like the Others. She would never perish. Cursed to live untill the end of all time. To see her law upheld.

She stumbled again. But she kept the streangth to watch each of the army return to there respctive dimentions.
Thats when she hit the ground. Her knees no longer holding the streangth to keep her up. She touched the rubied hilt and watched as it glowed brightly and then was nothing more that a small round ruby in her hand. The gaping hole in her chest pounded with pain.

She lost concianceness.

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Community Member

Tue Jul 22, 2008 @ 05:33pm

Wowzers... I likes it! biggrin

Community Member

Wed Jul 23, 2008 @ 05:04am

O_O woooow your good at this :O
*stands and claps*

User Comments: [2]
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