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Yeah, then he was all, "Roadkill, yo." You must not be in a band. 'Cause you ain't rockin' my world. D:

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Well, then.

Hum. I need to update my journal more often so all this crap I forgot to talk about isn't smeared all over one entry. No, you don't have to read all of it, but comments make me feel warm and fuzzy inside my pants.

So, school. Started yesterday, had a half day. Almost missed the bus, then met up with some friends at the school. Went to homebase in the band room. Talked with Tim (AKA Shialover) for a bit, then the teacher says we have new schedules. All I could think was, "s**t." So I get my new and anything-but-improved schedule. If I was a homophobic I would say my classes were uber ghey. I mean, study skills and industrial arts (Shop class)? I already took Shop last year.

So, went to my other classes, they went okay. We just basicly talked about what they expect of us and stuff. I go home, contacted ze counselor, and she changed my schedule back to the pwnage one.

Today, seccond day of school. Full day. Got my suh-weet schedule back, so I'm good. But my seat is next to this annoying smelly kid who never shuts up. As soon as we start learning Spanish, our first language, I'm going to find out how to say "Take a shower you irritating b*****d." Blah. Plus another kid like that sits in front of me in Soc. Studies. I was all *coughshowercoughdeoderantcough* No, I'm not a jerk, because I know these people know how to bathe.

Haha, lunch was fun. We went outside, Elric showed us his manly pink purse (A pink binder with a shoulder strap), ratboy and Elric were kicking a bucket with a bee nest in it, and Rai, Omyti, and others watched and laughed. How I missed these kind of days. heart

H'omg, Omyti and I's sheet-about-ourselves we had to fill out in sixth hour pwned. They just...pwned, okay? Everyone's was all, "lol i luv mtv and shopin and skatbordin" but ours were just...awesome. We even threw in a few hints of Gaia in there. So BEWARE US. Ahaha.


The day ended, and I came home and wrote this piece of s**t journal entry. The end.

- RK

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Piney Hates You
Community Member
comment Commented on: Tue Aug 30, 2005 @ 09:30pm
omg our sheets were sooo awesome!!! "What also bugs me are stupid who think they are "emo" or "goth"""And labels...yea labels!" lol those were awesome xDDD <3

comment Commented on: Sun Sep 04, 2005 @ 09:27pm
I demand more detail about the sheets! User Image

Community Member
User Comments: [2]
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