I finally got to play D&D for the very first time today and it rocked. I'm this elven cleric chick who is totally gullible because she was raised in a church since she was a princess that was stolen away when she was an infant, then rescued by a vagrant swordsman who handed her over to the church upon rescuing her, as he was unaware of her true origins. She is a dedicated follower of Ehlonna and values all life, love, and kindness.

She ran into a nameless being that is only known by Reaver (who she lovingly dubbed Reeve - he hates it so hardcore) and opted to follow him around because he saved her life from a crazy scientist that almost did them (or at least her, Reeve is pretty much immortal) in. However, Ethira Windsong is pretty much EVERYTHING that Reeve despises, and he would of killed her at least 100 times over by now had she not been protected from him by a mysterious power. Ethira trusts him because he saved her life, and she doesn't really believe that he could REALLY want to eradicate all religion, the gods, and the existence of death itself. She's kind of spacy too, so she doesn't really catch onto the fact that he REALLY HATES HER. XD

Anyways it was really fun. I was really sad I had to leave, but I can't stay at Dustin's. ._. Wes is our DM and I think he does a really good job. ^^ Of course I've never really seen any other DMs in action, but whatever. XD I didn't get a chance to play with Jordan because his character was beginning to come in after I had to go. >: but he would of tried to kill me anyways, since the only thing Ethira hates is the undead (which she swore to purge from the earth) and Jordan's character is heavily based on the undead.

Anyways tomorrow is Yappy Dog's (James - that's my nickname for him XD but I don't call him it ALL the time... He just gets me back with Pinks anyways. >.> wink party, and I was invited, woot~ D&D and foods was promised. I'm kind of nervous about getting along with everything but I'm also really excited because I think it'll be fun, so I should get some rest soon. ^___^;

Yaaaayyy so full of happy...! ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay that's all for now, Eternal says ouuuuttt~