Well, alot seems to be happening.

I'm taking a poker dealing class (pressure from mom: get another job, or take a summer class! I'll take the summer class...). Needless to say, I know alot more about poker now, than I did a month ago XD

Had a rather...stupid lady come in a week or so ago. T-chan and I were working when we noticed a lady eating candy before buying it (frequent readers, you know what I'm thinking about now...), so I told her very casually in a "Hey, no big deal, but just to let you know..." tone - "Ma'am, just to let you know, there is no eating candy before buying it." ...boy did she take it bad... " stressed scream I am 39 years old and NEVER have I been talked to like this! You know what, I'm not buying ANYTHING from you! stressed " And she stormed out. Well...you know what lady? WHO NEEDS YOUR $#@&w#$^&* MONEY?!!?!? I CERTAINLY DON'T! I'LL SELL MY CANDY TO SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN! stare Honestly...just HOW MUCH brain does it take to understand that eating something you haven't paid for is STEALING! She's lucky we didn't call security!

A few days ago, the DM came by to pick up things we didn't need, for other stores in her district that did need them. ^^ Less stuff to put away! Yay! She also changed the paperwork around a little bit. C-chan isn't gonna like that. XD

I got a rather unexpected surprise from the Spirits From Above Charity that I've been involved with. I signed up to be a Helper a few months ago. I've been donating to them (instead of the other way around), and doing my (at that point, 'new' job), and all of a sudden, I was promoted to Co-owner! Now that certainly brought a surprise to my day! ^^ Now if only I could get that raise at work, I'd be especially happy...