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chicken piiieeee
The last week has been amazing, because I've done so much fun stuff. The most fun was yesterday, when we all went swimming! There were so many people. O.O Me, Azzy, Dustin, Colin, Tai, Gabby, Karlie, James, and Aaron. And most of us have been having campouts and everything, but we never sleep so maybe no one wants to do those anymore. XP

Ummm right now Dustin and Colin are yelling in the kitchen, so I'm assuming they are burning themselves while trying to cook their pasta. I got chicken pies! ^^ Hurray chicken pies!

Man, last night was so... undescribable. XD We weren't really allowed to be at Azzy's but we were making so much noise that we were found out and had to book it out of there at 5:30 in the morning. It's mostly my fault because I screamed, but I had a really good reason... sort of... >.>

But we left the cookies. ._. and Colin's wallet. >.>

I'm really having alot of fun, so I'm happy. ^^ Although I've been getting some bad migranes lately and my throat is really sore atm, but it doesn't bother me all too much. CHICKEN PIES!!

Oh geez, I almost forgot about how we went to go meet up with this black guy (it's a long story, but to put it briefly we were going to adopt some third-world homeless kids... don't ask) to tell him that we couldn't do it because Azzy got kicked out of her house because we're really loud and dramatic and she was the one who was fronting the cheque, SO... anyways, while we were there some really creepy drunk guy came up to us and started talking to us like he was our best friend... and then he kept talking about how I was hot and he wanted to steal me away or something and I was just like -CLINGS TO DUSTIN'S ARM- because I creeped out as hell. >.< But Dustin didn't let him near me. X3 Thank god... D: I pulled him away to the store with the excuse of buying chocolate or something ... anyways we got out of there. -.-

Well anyways, that was most of what happened today, and also I guess I'm just updating for the sake of updating. I can't go into detail about everything 'cuz it's way too much to talk about.

Until next time, bye-beeeee~ ♥


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commentCommented on: Fri Jul 18, 2008 @ 11:39pm
...I love how racistly colorful you are. XD "We went to meet up with the black guy..."
And yeah. Mom let me back in today, but theres no way I can have another sleep over. Oh well. My summer is over anyways. x:
Anyways, I've nothing more to say.

I just wanted to point out your a racist. xD;


commentCommented on: Fri Jul 18, 2008 @ 11:57pm
God, how else was I supposed to describe him? I guess I could just say guy, but that wouldn't be descriptive enough. You'd just assume it was a white guy. Oh damn I'm sounding racist now aren't I? Oh frick whatever call me a drunkard and get it over with. (He was pretty cool though, he knew Jujitsu.)

Anyways, I'm glad you got let back inside. ):


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