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A new thought of all things from here and now

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Epic Battle between kaze no sakura VS R4v3nbr4in
Kaze: Okay. That's it. I can't hold my antagonism in any longer. [Draws her sword--eyes shining comically]

Loukhos: ;o; *cradles R4v3nbr4in* Save me!

R4v3n: ok! i shall save you!
*picks up rabid chainsaw and stands in front of you with it* aha!

Kaze: Heh! My Katana is full of super awesomeness! I can cut through pretty much anything! Bring it on!

[Inserts super cool battlecry to mask up her wimpy own]

Loukhos: My Savior! ;A; *jumps behind* ;O; *cowers* So scary. D:

R4v3n: You may think your battlecry will scare me but you are wrong
*mouth movement doesnt match words as she jumps into the air with chainsaw above her head*
taste the diseased oil that is in my chainsaw, it shall make contact with your Katana from the obyss
*mouth movements still dont match*

Kaze: RAWR! Come and get some!

[Holds her katana in its ready stance and leaps off the ground, blade held high over her head] Feel the wrath of Super-ugly-dragon-tiger-rabid-mouse-electrified-fire-ball-wind-flash! [Swings her weapon down] scream

*does slowmo matrixness as she tries to dodge the awesomely long named attack*
your words are far to long for me to dodge! myah!
my starlight-lovely-desu-desu-heart-superness-glitter-death-rabid-chainsaw will make you wish you never ate that cake for dessert!
*swings chainsaw towards Kaze as her Super-ugly-dragon-tiger-rabid-mouse-electrified-fire-ball-wind-flash! hit her arm*

Kaze:[Attempts to block overly sparkly attack, but it is too bright for her to properly protect herself. Kaze is thrown back into the wall] Tch. My Super-ugly-dragon-tiger-rabid-mouse-electrified-fire-ball-wind-flash scarely left a scratch! You may think you can take me down with that starlight-lovely-desu-desu-heart-superness-glitter-death-rabid-chainsaw, but Keh! We'll just see once I summon Sailor Moon! [Holds her arms out, spread-eagled, and begins chanting in some silly language] Ougla-lago-lungo-dominatrixca-squally-doom-bloom! I SUMMON THEE SAILOR MOON!

Sailor Moon: User Image

R4v3n:>_> <_<
*shows comic of Sailor Moon getting capped in the head and goes off to bandage her bloody arm*

The winner?
you decide >:3 lol

(ill make it sound better later)

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Alienor Kaze
Community Member
comment Commented on: Fri Jul 18, 2008 @ 01:32am
Lol. Looks awesome!

Can't wait to see the revised version. >:3

And I just noticed that we can't post in the Gaia Ball forum anymore. crying

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