It is new
The color that I see
Yet I know that I have seen it before
Perhaps in a dream
Alive and vibrant
Yet distant and far
If I could only reach it
But my arms don't reach out enough
I can see it shining so intently
Yet so far away
It is so beautiful
If only I could reach it
My hands stretch out
My feet begin to run
And all of a sudden
There is movement
I am moving
Through grass, a large grassy feild
That stretches on and on
And I am moving faster with every step
Towards that light
My feet are flying
The light of the moon gives me my path
And I am coming towards it
With such a strenght I never knew I had
The light surrounds me
And suddenly
I am in your arms
Loving you
And basking in the light that surrounds us
I am smiling
I am happy
And though bad things may happen
I know I will be okay
As long as you are here beside me
And as long as I still have this will of mine
I know that even if this love is lost
I can find the light again
Because I cannot live without it
I have come to accept this
So even if the light leaves
I will find it again
I must
This light is what keeps me going
What keeps me alive
Even in the dead of night
When all I have
Are shattered dreams
And running feet