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Haii everyone~
My first actual Journal Entry. Woot! biggrin

Yesterday at Gaia Towns, well, I think yesterday was 'rape the bunnies!!!11!!!'.
Seriously, this guy came and said "i'm going to play you a song".
Well, its sorta weird, I don't even know the guy. sweatdrop
Then, this other guy came claiming that I was 'his bunny'.
And I don't even know that guy either!
I was talking to my friend, and just those two...
The two began to 'hump' me, of course, what the hell?
I feel scared to go to Towns again. :/
BUT I SHALL STILL GO. XD Can't let two 13 year olds creep me out. =D

Anyhow, at 9:00 AM, my hair finished.
Yes, its now totally BROWNISH RED BLACK!
Its hawt. :3