The bell rang, I still had my head down. I wasn't crying but inside I was. it was period 6 the lunch period. I, myself wasn't really hungry at that moment. So i picked my self up and wiped my invisible tears of my eyes, threw the smelly jacket out the window. I looked around some kids were loitering around the halls. I decided not to go to lunch it was my free period after all. So I headed down the music room. My band was in there, we never went to lunch so we just played our music safe where no one can see and hear us.
Jeffery my drummer looked at me "Look at you, you looked like you just got f*cked up" he said. "uhh yeah" I said. "Richard. you bought your bass today?" i asked. Everyone had their instrument. I didn't i feel so left out again. I didn't have my guitar, I was suppose to play rhythm and lead vocals. Now I was just playing vocals.

I also was suppose to write a song the night before, but I clearly have forgotten. So we did a cover of "mayday parade's Three Cheers for five years" it wasn't that bad but at least we have done something. Just then the music teacher came in which was also very shocking cause we didn't notice that she was there the whole time. so in the end she simply clapped and kicked us out of the room for sneaking in.
Once i was out Joyce was there, she looked at me and walked away and i see everyone else walk away except for my band members. I saw Joel standing in the horizon, "I wonder why" I asked my self. "Today wasn't suppose to end like this" but then the bell rang.,,,