Yay, new journal entry! =D

Anyways, I am currently still trying to balance PMD2: Time, PMD2: Darkness, Path of the Ninja, InuYasha, and TWEWY. Yay~~ But this journal post is only about PMD2: Darkness.

I'm currently working on quite a few teams.

Team Orgin
Saturn, Charmeleon
Hinata, Bayleef
Violet, Torterra
Ace, Blaziken

Team SciFi
Sombra, Gallade
Riolu (soon to be Lucario)
Duskull (soon to be Dusknoir)

Team Witch
Icy, Glaceon
Darcy, Umbreon
Stormy, Espeon
And ocassionaly Mitsuno, Chikorita

Team Tri-Beam
Vapor, Vaporeon
Shock, Jolteon
Byrn, Flareon
And ocasssionaly Vine, Leafeon

Team Emerald
Ocean, Minun
Volcano, Plusle
And ocassionally Miasma, Plusle
And Peach, Minun

Team DarkFang
Kayako, Houndoom
Kurogane, Larvitar
Sombra, Mightyena
Damein, Trapinch

These are the current In-Training teams at the moment.