Person A: "I really don't like Twilight by Stephanie Meyer; in fact, I think it really sucked."
Person B: "Did you even read it?"

Let's face it; we've all seen this or similar scenarios. Well, I'm getting fed up with it. How the Hell would I know if I thought an entire ******** book sucked if I hadn't read it? Sure, before I read the book, I thought what it was about sucked; it didn't sound interesting at all. I read the book, and it wasn't interesting at all. The book sucked, and yes, I have read it. Anyway, this only happens -- from what I've seen -- to the people who say they dislike the book. I have never -- not even once -- seen an anti ask the question, "Did you even read it," to a fan. I can just imagine the situation:

Person C: "I really liked Twilight by Stephanie Meyer; it was a great book."
Person D: "Did you even read it?"
Person C: "Duh! How else would I know if I liked it or not?"

Yes, that's what I assume would happen: that or something similar.

I know that not all the fans of Twilight are morons, but it seems like a lot of them are. If someone says they dislike the book, they automatically go into defense mode as if the person is personally insulting them; they assume the person hasn't even read it. What the Hell is up with that? If someone told me they liked/disliked a book, I wouldn't ask them if they read the book, I'd ask them what their favorite/least favorite parts of the book were: why they liked/disliked the book.

Basically, I'm fed up with the fans of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer asking the antis of the book, "Did you even read it?"