... are hurting like a biiiitch. Well one of them are. I wake up and it's like, hooooly geez my tooth hurts, like seriously what the hell is this? This never happened before and I've had like 4 cavities. It better go away really soon because it's going to dampen my day otherwise. I'mma take some painkillers. z.z Not that it's -that- bad, just it's irritating.

So this week has been really busy. I don't have time or the attention span to write it at all in detail, so I'll explain in super brief mode -

I got to meet Collin when I went to the mall with Azzy for Christie's birthday, who I get along with extremely well. Us four (Me, Azzy, Collin, and Aaron, because Christie and Brandon stayed home later) hungout like all day and trekked around downtown and they ended up walking us all the way home. >.> It was fun, we walked the bike path.

Then the next day I went to Mason's house for two nights, where I met the 15-year-old-who-looks-20 Toronto guy Zach who is a metalhead/punk-rocker but extremely nice, bisexual, and apparently thinks I'm awesome. X3 We all (Me, Mason, Zach, and Mason's brother MacKenzie) played ToA for like 5 hours and walked on the Redbridge highway at like 2 in the morning and sat on the road hill in the middle of the night. XD It blew my mind that there wasn't any open stores around... as a city girl, I can't really comprehend such a thing. O.o We wanted cheesecake. ):

The second night we went to walk around outside though we had to turn back because something was following us. We didn't see it, but I just automatically felt warning bells go off in my senses and I was freaked the hell out because I just knew something was wrong. Apparently Zach felt it too, and everyone started getting all spooked out and we booked it back to Mason's house. I was being extremely brisk because of it. ._. I had a scary voice...

So then yesterday it turns out Cody's in town again, so we all hungout and went to the beach. (Me, Azzy, Cody, Dustin, and Wes.) It was really cold and we were shivering in the water so we didn't stay in that long. XD Dustin kept making raccoon noises and I made a towel burrow. Cody shoved my head underwater when I pushed Dustin and I got water up my nose. T.T Then it started raining but it didn't matter because we were already wet. We went to A&P and bought nachos and chocolate and later me and Dustin went back to Azzy's and ate them and watched videos and did the daemon quiz. (LOL AZZY GOT RACCOON AGAIN. She'll never get anything else. She's the essence of raccoon forever. Dustin was kind of jealous I think. XD He got a hare and a dog the second time, and I got an ocelot again.)

So we were all supposed to start an RO server together last night, but it was being lame and we all got temporarily banned for trying to login repetitively when the server was down. >.> I guess we'll do that tonight at some point, if we have time... well they're all + Collin and possibly Aaron and I think Mason too are supposed to be all hanging out then sleeping in my backyard tonight. XD Yeah I finally got my parents to let me have a sleepover again~ This is the first time in monnnthsss.

But yeah we're going to the mall soon, so I might need to go get ready in 5 minutes. Mason's at Azzy's already, and we three have to go wakeup Dustin at 9:00-ish then take the bus, and Collin and Aaron are meeting up with us there I think. I'm really happy because it's probably going to be fun. =D But argh this toothache. Damn thing.

Azzy said sometimes teeth with fillings can get another cavity... wtf, I hope that's not what this is. .__. we don't even HAVE a family dentist right now, thanks to that stupid dentist assistant from like 9 months ago.

Hmmm this journal ended up being longer then I expected lols~ O: Still have my art block. Need to draw soon and break out of the funk. Also need to restart Twilight Princess super soon because I've been lazy again. I should really just take initiative and get some things on my Abyss file too... like the second Mystic Artes and some costumes. Damn, that reminds me, all my costumes on my Symphonia file will be gone now... ._. Oh well, at least they were easy to get... sort of...