Fourth period here i come!

I walked with the Satanic Circle in my hand through the hallways. a rival of mine, Priscilla got scared that I had it. I Entered the room and there i was.
Anyways, i Had ELA that day with Mrs. Osinoff. Ms. Osinoff was one of my good teachers unlike Ms. Pacerell.
So we were learning about some random stuff about how expanding ur vocabulary can increase your chances to passing the test on friday. I wasn't really paying attention to what she said, but she didnt mind, unlike my health teacher.
I sat next to Sibelle and Joyce that day I remember them chattering between me, it was a great pain. I couldnt even pick my pen up to draw, it was like I'm in between 2 sonic emitters and they were sending frequencies to me, and it hurt my head.

Heres how they're conversation went

Sibelle: So i herd you like Antonio
Joyce: Where you hear that
Sibelle: Gabby told me
Joyce: that son of a--
Sibelle: wha--?
Joyce: nothing, nothing--

I wasn't lucky this time, Mrs. Osinoff didn't care about them talking, as long as they just do there work its fine for her and, I had double period too which made it worse.
Also Ms. Pacerell also came in the room and threw the jacket on me, which was really embarrassing, but at least Sibelle and Joyce shut there mouthes up once they smelled it.
I hated that moment, i wished that i was gone for that single moment... but i wasn't. So I waited there Wishing, wanting, that i'll be gone for that moment. i could see every one move away. I heard my rival Priscilla said "hahahaha you smell like s**t"
Little did i know that the circle in my hand started glowing red.... and it absorbed the jacket, Priscilla and everything that I hated...

I Wish, this isn't A fantasy this is a reality, a reality that I cant deal with. so I sat there, with my head down, the jacket on my back, and the circle on my hand, and everyone almost laughing at me except for Joel.