2. Friendship

Some people treasure friendship like gold, while others treat it like dirt. Why? Why would they just let go of something so 'precious'? Because they think they do not need anyone. Because they knew everything was fake. Because life is just a game. Because there wasn’t such a thing as friendship in this cruel world, let alone love.

People showed friendliness when they wanted something from you. When they wanted to profit off you. You could be someone's friend for a long while, then suddenly betrayed. Some people learned that at a young age, and at the same time learned how to hide their emotions away from everyone else.

In time, they’d learned to bury those emotions altogether, only letting the rare smirk or two play on their lips. They learned to detest intimacy and stopped letting people get close to them, both physically and emotionally. Because they knew they would only get hurt in the end. They would be shattered, and they wasn’t sure if they could handle it once again.