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Me and my crazy style. Why can't people just live with it?
Yay Me
I'm getting my hair like Bill Kaulitz!!!
For those of you that don't know Bill Kaulitz is the singer of the amazing band
Tokio Hotel
wich I am getting into alot since my friends are all into it and I'm real close with those friends. but anyway
I'm getting my hair done like Bill !!!
if you don't know what I mean well he looks like this
User Image
and this
User Image
and this (with his brother tom)
User Image
and most definatly this
User Image
*drool* .............
*cough* I mean . . .
what?! he's HOTT
User Image
ok for real i'll stop now
he rocks
and i'm getting my hair like this
User Image
and kind of like this
User Image
but mostly like this
User Image
ok for real this time I'll stop
User Image
I'm sorry I just had to get that last one out of my system
like I said befor
they're freaking amazing
and not just because he freaking HOTT because he's freaking talented too.
I mean who can go out and be a freaking AMAZING rock star in english and german
not many people that hott can pull it off.
and most people don't appreaciate what they're not used to
like for instance
yesterday was on a sugar rush because I had too many Oreios and Pepsie
wich is a leathal combination if you decide to give them to me at the same time
well since i was bouncing off the walls so i went into may backyard and blasted
wich is what I'm listening to right now
and I was singing the part in the middle where it says::

Schrei! - Bist du du selbst bist
Schrei! - Und wenn es das letzte ist
Schrei! - Auch wenn es weh tut
Schrei so laut du kannst - Schrei!

Und jetzt schweig!

which in english means::
Scream!- til you feel it
Scream!- til you believe it
Scream!- and when it hurts you Scream it out loud
Shut Up!

well right at the part where it said Shut up
I heard some one tell me to acctually shut up
I turned to see it was my crazy neighbors
they hate me cuz I'm not the normal Holister preppy b***h that you would see walking down the treets around here (not to be mean to the cool holister chicks out there but the ones over here are all bitchez)
so awyway I look them in the eye and screamed the next part of the song wich says::

Nein! - Weil du selbst bist
Nein! - Und weil es das letzte ist
Nein! - Weil es so weh tut
Schrei so laut du kannst
Nein! - Nein! - Nein! - Nein! - Nein! - Nein!
Schrei so laut du kannst - Schrei!

wich means::
No!- cuz you feel it
No!- cuz you believe is
No!- and when it hurts you Scream it out loud
No No No NO NO NO!Scream it out loud!
Scream !

I said that half in english and half in german so they knew i wasn't going to listen to them and that shut them up real quick but they gave me that look that i know for a fact ment
'I hate you and I hate your music"
well ******** that, dude
people don't like what they're not used to around here and since I moved here me and my friends have turned the meaning of normal upside down
so they can go shove it up there nose if they don't like it!
God Damn
People annoy me
and it's none of there damn bisness anyway
If I want to go out in the poring rain and sing Duch den Monsun / Monsoon
then I ******** will
and I'll sing it ******** good too
cuz i'm awesome like that!
and you don't have to watch me or critisize me for listening to good music
Ok!? OK!
*deep breaths* sorry I got carried away
people just freaking make me mad some times
well at least it's not the crazy lady next door
that thinks just cuz she lived in that house since the Reviloution that she could walk right into my house without knocking
I mean who dose that?
I was haveing a "party"(kind of) and I warned her that the music might be a tad bit loud and then when I turm it on
and she thinks she can walk right into my front door without knocking or anything and then have the nerv to tell me to turn my music off?
(and not in a polite way either)
I don't think so hun.
so you better keep you mouth shut and get the ******** out of my house!
see if it was the crazy Holister chicks across the street they wouldn't have cared
in fact they don't care at all! and they're louder then me!
I whish this place could let loose a little and give things a try
I mean I did and look at me now
ok thats not a good example sweatdrop
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
I'm sorry! I had to!
His smile makes everything better!
You can't blame me!
I mean look at that face!User Image
well I'll update you people on my other Tokio Hotel/ music related events some other time
cuz it' like almost 3 in the morning and I have to crash by then or the ghosts will come for me. eek burning_eyes
don't ask why I'm up so freaking late
I told you cafeen and sugar is not good for me. . .
especially when I had to go through the excitment of 4th of July!
wich I will also up date you on later on today
bye now
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Lawlite Ryuzaki 2
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Lawlite Ryuzaki 2
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    this is alyssa and i say that bill is MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.


    alyssa sagen das bill ist meine und nicht linda's. XD
    gut nacht!

    comment Lawlite Ryuzaki 2 · Community Member · Mon Jul 07, 2008 @ 02:43am
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