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It's about 6 AM and I'm really bored. I'm figuring to fix my effed up internal time I'm going to have to force myself to stay up until tonight so when I do go to bed I'll be tired enough to crash immediately then wake up at a decent time tomorrow. I realize I'm ruining my Friday but I didn't have much planned besides going to Yes! Employment today anyways, and I can do that half-asleep yesss?

But I'm like... woah... so tired I'm like... probably crazy... I just feel like writing out a bunch of nonsense so that is what I'm going do. I'm also making typoes like every other word but you wouldn't know because I care enough to go back and correct them. Bad grammar and spelling is the bane of the uhhh... I forget what word I'm looking for... literate world? well hell our world ain't very literate so screw that. Just look at all them teenyboppers spelling out their yous as 'u' and ares as 'r' ... blegghttt. who taught these kids? Someone needs to force them to roleplay, that's what got my butt in gear.

She stepped up onto the podium overlooking the world and sighed. What disarray it was in, it simply had to stop.

So she lifted up an elegant hand and spoke the words that would shatter the heavens and bring forth a new reign ... or at least she would of, had she not been interrupted by a brick colliding with the side of her head.

"Please, just what is this grand charade? Elegant and godly does not a you make." the thrower spoke scathingly to me.

I flipped back my hair and abandoned the third-person style of writing. "I'll do as I please, this is my little story, and just who are you anyways?"

The person kept their visage concealed in shadows, and spoke naught but three words. "I am mystery."

And mystery it was.


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To be honest that was the point of this whole journal. To post these Kratos pictures for absolutely no reason other then to post them. Oh, and have some Lelouch too.

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... maybe I should of shrunk that one BUT OH WELL HAHAHA.

Why is all the Code Geass gone until Sunday. Why.

I think Ricky dislikes me but he talks to me because he feels bad for me.

I probably shouldn't write that down but I'm too tired to care.


I abuse this symbol like it's my slave ♥ ♥ it's because I love it so much. ♥ ♥ I will post it everywhere. Love is POWER! [/Shirley] We fight with our hearts!

Make sorrow my greatest combatant, I will beat it down with my hope at every corner! Flaunt no facts of reality in my face, I will grind it beneath my heels and bend it to my will! Lend me no anger worthy of the gods, I seek a lifestyle of compassion and forgiving! To bear a grudge is to side with sorrow itself, but to empty of sorrow is to feel nothing. Sorrow is existent always so we must keep our neverending hope!

A dream... a dream... I feel like I'm dreaming. Where is the dream leading me? I am following the footsteps I seek in the sand. They wash away with the tide behind me, but I never turn back and only look forwards to where the dream ends. What will the end bring me? The pain of darkness or the glory of light? I acknowledge both answers but still I keep following.

A dream.

Yes, my life is a dream and I am dancing on the air.

Hello moonlight, do you see my tears? Is that why you send the wind to me? When are you going to give me my wings back? I miss them so.

Please moonlight, I believe in my wings.

Hrrrrmmmm maybe sleeping just for 3 hours won't hurt... I am really tired... like really, really tired... wow, how do some people do this? Now that it's morning my senses are all trying to shut down. What the hell am I, some kind of vampire? I don't even like vampires that much.

Vampires, what an overdone concept. Vampires everywhere. Super vampires. People abusing vampires. Vampires aren't that special. Seriously.


Hey, we're (me and Azzy and Kratos) are starting an RP soon. It's going to be SUPERCOOL. It's about hunting monsters and s**t. It's going to be the best. We need to make a map. I left the map-making to Azzy. Azzy's cool.

I had some guy try to hit on me on Orihime. Actually this happened several times now. :/ Since when was Orihime so popular? Everyone was always complaining about hating her. I like her very much personally. Not as much as Ayu, Misuzu, or Sakura maybe ... or at least not yet... I haven't really gotten into Bleach yet... I'm going to read it soon I guess. I know I like Orihime though. Me and her are alot alike. Except she's nicer then me. I'm kind of a b***h, I think.

Well some people seem to think so, and other people seem to think not. I don't know. Isn't everyone mean to some extent? It's debatable.

My hairpins never came in. I wonder if I was scammed. Stupid Ebay seller, scamming me with their scamminess. I was really looking forwards to those hairpins, too.

My room is awesome.

I think I need to end this entry now.

Have some more Kratos.

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commentCommented on: Mon Jul 07, 2008 @ 02:31am
what drug are you inserting in your body?

commentCommented on: Mon Jul 07, 2008 @ 02:56am
It's called 6:00 AM lack-of-sleep drug. Extremely potent.

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