Okay all the entry is about is Code Geass. So if you don't want to read about that go away.


I just finished

the last episode of Code Geass

That I had on my computer

that's the last one that I can download

Until the new episode comes out Sunday


and now I'm all like, "D:" inside because I have no more to watch.

And and ... the episode it's at... O.O

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I seriously love this couple so much. ♥ I am extremely happy that there's been so much content on these two. I was absolutely sure before that Lelouch was going to end up with C.C. but now I think that Shirley might actually stand a really good chance. Hmm but that doesn't explain all the official art of Lelouch and C.C being all close... maybe that's just the type of platonic relationship they have?

Or maybe... maybe something really bad is going to to happen to Shirley. ;-; Noooo. Sunrise did it with Gundam, didn't they? What with the Flay/Kira thing... but Flay was a b***h who was using Kira up until nearly the very end... Shirley genuinely cares for Lelouch. I mean, she fell in love with him again even after she lost her memories... that says something, right?

... but she got her memories back this episode. O.O I wonder what that'll mean, and if she's going to hate Lelouch because of what happened...


Lelouch is seriously a pimp or something. (Haha, brings to mind the latest episode where Sayoko set him up on dates with like 12 girls I think it was?) He's got this thing going on with C.C., Kallen, and Shirley all at once. But he admitted to liking Shirley. That might of just been a coverup for being unable to explain the thing with Sayoko, but he actually seemed genuine about it. Also I'd never seen Lelouch blush before that one scene. XD Or maybe he did once or twice before, I don't really remember it though.

Wow, I'm way too involved with the pairings aspect of this show. |: Don't get me wrong, I love all the rest of the show too, just I accept it as it is and don't theorize about it. Well actually, I am wondering the true reason why Anya and Gino are at the school... has to be for more then just fun... they are probably still suspecting Lelouch, and it's not like anyone could blame them.

Personally I think Suzaku has strayed far, far away from his original morals. I mean, I guess he still has them, but what the hell Suzaku. Joining the Knights of the Round? Well actually, he did have a pretty good plan... but you know how wishful thinking like that goes, there's always something wrong with it.

I wish everyone would stop blaming Lelouch for Euphy's death. Yeah, it was his fault, but it's not like he did it on purpose. But no one knows that and I guess it's doubtful that anyone would believe him if he tried to tell anyone ... like, uh, Suzaku. Not that I blame anyone for not believing him, because he did lie to his friends about being Zero right up until he was forcefully exposed.

I'm wondering most about what Shirley is going to do about her remembered knowledge now. Please forgive him Shirley, he said sorry remember? T.T

... I'm treating these people like they're real. D:

Well you know what, they're more exciting to write about then real people or my personal drama anyways. Who wants to hear more of that in any case? Wow, why would I even need to explain myself, this is my journal... >.> I'll write whatever I want lol.

I sure hope they rescue Kallen soon, but I'm sure they will. I wonder when we're going to learn more about C.C. ... 12 episodes into the second season and we still don't know anything about her beyond knowing that she's immortal, not human, has something to do with the Geass, and has been living for a longass time. It is also presumed that she had been tortured a long time ago.

C.C. is probably the most interesting character. I like her alot, even if I don't really like the idea of her being with Lelouch just because I'm rooting for Shirley so bad. I think it's because Shirley reminds me of me in quite a few ways, though.

I never laughed as hard at anything in that show as C.C.'s face when the giant pizza landed on the tree.

Okay I think I should wrap this up and go to bed. I told myself earlier I was going to bed early tonight, but oi, that didn't happen did it? Oh well. I'm going to force myself to wake up in 5 hours anyways so I don't waste my whole day like yesterday. Wait, don't waste my whole day? Hah, what am I going to do anyways? Sleep or awake I'm still wasting my time, aren't I? This summer is sure turning out to be a big pile of nothing so far.

... I bet it'll stay that way too. z.z

Anyways, for now Eternal and her Code Geass ranting is out~! ♥