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I haven't posted anything in a while. o.O

Anyways, life is good. Loving Shaiya (as you can telll by my signature) and am looking for more games that have the camera and key-features of Shaiya, but don't nessicarily have the same...uh...I forget the word. Just a different feel when I play the game. I've played many MMORPGs since I discovered Shaiya, and haven't really liked any of them. DoMo was somewhat good, but it was confusing, the camera sucked, and quite frankly I was left unimpressed and highly annoyed. I also played LastChaos, which is somewhat like Shaiya except it's a point-and-click game, which annoyed the hell out of me. So it got deleted. >.> I've also played Rappelz, and not only did it totally confuse me and highly lower my expectations of the gaming world, it made me want to bash my head into the keyboard from all the contradictions it made in itself. Sho Online was somewhat fun, if you ignore the fact that it was full screen (gah!) and was another point-and-click like LastChaos and Rappelz. Rappelz was also full screen. Not too fond of full screen...I also played EndlessOnline a few months before I discovered Shaiya and wasn't impressed mainly due to the comunity, confusion on playing, and general fact that it was full-screen. I also played Pirates Online or whatever and it was somewhat good. I don't really remember much about playing it besides the fact that it wasn't full-screen. I also recently played Wonderland Online. It's a bit boring and confusing at first, not to mention a point-and-click game, but it isn't fullscreen and has really good Anime-style graphics.

So basically my list of favorite MMORPGs are from the AdventureQuest group and Shaiya. On Shaiya I have a level 26 Assassin, a level 15 Oracle, a level 10 Pagan, a level 7 Warrior, and a level 5 Hunter on my main account and server. I'm with the Union of Fury, usually on the Lailah server, and my favorite characters are Mitsuku the Assassin and DeadBodiesEve the Oracle.

I've also recently obtained Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness and am loving both versions. Charmander is still an awesome starter and Chikrita makes an awesome partner, although I'm learning how to use Piplup. Also, under recommendation from Phantom_ Green I have started to play The World Ends With You (TWEWY). It's basically a visual novel in my opinion, but it's definetly more interesting and absorbing than Final Fantasy, which my friend let me play on her PS3 at her house for a bit. Squear_Enix is still only second in rank to GameFreak on handheld games. ^-^

Speaking of the PS3, I recently went to Wal-Mart and was told to chose between it, the Wii, or the PS2. I chose the PS2 because, quite frankly, it was a waste of money to spend 500 bucks just to be able to play PS2 games on the PS3 and I've been wanting to play Silent Hill and Resident Evil for a long time now and I can't seem to find a good Emulator or any good ROMs to play them on. Not to mention the fact that Fatal Flash sounds kinda cool, even if all you're doing is taking pictures of aura on a cellphone in a creepy village that sacrifices twins. ^-^ So I now own a PS2 with a copy of Silent Hill: Orgins. Sad thing is that I'm only good with hooking stuff up to my computer and not my TV, not to mention the fact that our TV is probably as old as I am, give or take a few years.

Speaking of hooking things up, I finally got my scanner/printer up and so some of my art is now on DeviantART. Just go and type "Saturn Silvertail" into the searchbar of DeviantART and you'll come up with my stuff. DeviantART also has a good amount of what I've been doing lately listed, since my school computers have blocked Gaia but haven't blocked DA.

Well, that's a good explanation of what I've been up to into lately. I might update this tomorrow, not sure.

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German Flavored Skittles
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commentCommented on: Fri Jul 11, 2008 @ 10:32pm
You get the chance to get a PS3 or Wii, and you got a PS2? FOOL! You need to get an Xbox 360! This way you can get Xbox Live and I can kick your a** on Fable 2, Call of Duty 5, Fifa 09, and Elder Scrolls V.

And in case your wondering, none of these games have come out yet.

commentCommented on: Thu Jul 17, 2008 @ 01:14am
get a wii or a 360
man those systems r da best
the PS3 SUX SOOOOO MUCH BALLZ it isnt funny
only thing sony has ever accomplised was and is the PS PSP and PS2
and if u saw the nintendo press confrence at e3'08 you would see all the stuff nintendo is innovating a speak room motionplus wiimusic a hole bunch of otherstuff and the ds is getting completely revamped a hole bunch of new programms

and the 360s updates and partnershipes are evolving beyond belief

either 360/Wii/DS

Community Member
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