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Okay, so... yeah, you see that picture there? Ignore that for just one second while I say

happy canada day

I didn't cap it because to be honest I'm not all that excited. I'm going to the waterfront with Azzy and a few other people today but the only real reason I want to go is for the free cake, which will probably be gone by the time I get there anyways. Otherwise it's just going to depress me being there and I kind of have a bad hunch about it anyways.

OKAY... now concerning the picture. I am pretty much addicted to Code Geass. It went above and beyond what I expected out of it, but I'm pretty sure Lelouch is the one making it awesome. Well hell, Lelouch IS Code Geass. I went through the first season in a flash and was left with a clamouring for more, so now I'm going to watch what there is so far of R2 ... but I know that when I get to the end of that I'm going to be left with frustration of being unable to watch the whole season. That's why I usually wait until a season's finished before watching, but the grip's really got me on this one. Hehe, I love getting obsessed with such things, it's great fun~ ♥

I guess I'll be following the releases for this one. That will be the first time I've done that. Maybe it'll keep me on my seat and make this series more memorable. I wouldn't mind that.

Okay so I better finish this entry and go prepare for the beach. I'll probably write something here later when I get home about how it went. I'm not expecting much.

edit: everything went meh. I mean there were some really fun moments, but everyone except me, Azzy, and Brandon ended up being no-shows so we just hung around and did whatever until we got bored and went home. Didn't watch the fireworks because no one wanted to, least of all me.