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Smokey brand entries
Thing to do
Not so much an entry as a list of manga i am planning to read. figured i'd post it here because i hardly ever post anything of relevance in this journal anymore. If yall have any suggestions of other awesome sh*t out there to check out manga wise, leave a comment and enlighten a brotha. I'll even leave a rating for the ones i have finished reading. Bold means i'm in the process of reading, Strike means i already have read.


B Reaction
Bitter Virgin
3.5/5, Bitter virgin has a damn disheartening beginning. i won't go into details because it'll ruin the story, but strictly on characterization and development, this is a must read. The content is decidedly adult and not in a violent way. if you can handle that, i encourage a read through.
Black God
5/5, I'm a sucker for a good beat em up and this is a damn good beat em up. The art is top notch, the fight scenes epic, and the plot doesn't suck as bad as you'd think it would. It's not dragonball Z (my all time favorite beat em up manga which is a classic in more ways than one) but it's still pretty heavy on the volence.
Black Lagoon
4/5, You have to like cyberpunk alot to get into this one, plot wise. i do so it was cake. Even if you can't dig that, the art and fighting are top notch. The dude who makes this also makes Abara, another excellent book...so far
Change 123
Deadman Wonderland
2.5/5, This one is dated and it shows it's age. Story wise, it's decent, plenty of action and boobies but it's kind of hard to get behind it because i'm not 50. Many a cartoon and movie were created from this classic so it does stand the test of time well but, i don't know. seemed cheesy to me honestly. What may have been controversial and cutting edge back then seems a little cheesy to me now. Give it a read for nostalgias sake but don't expect much.
Elfen Lied
5/5, This is a dark tale. Some of the most violent and emotionally damaging literature i have ever had the pleasure of reading. Nyu is cute and innocent, but lucy is a vicious, violent, murderous b*tch. The show, for those of you who have had the pleasure of viewing it, has absolutely nothing on the book. Read the book. Now.
Franken Fran
5/5, one of my all time favorite charaters is the lead in this book, Kei Kurono. this cat is a boss. biggest balls on a dude i have ever had the pleasure of reading about. it's a damn shame he gets killed. READ MOAR GANTZ!
Highschool of the Dead
Imouto wa Shishunki
Jack Frost
Kurogane no LineBarrel
Maken X
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Shina Dark
Spice and Wolf
Tenjou Tenge
3/5, memorable charcaters, epic fight scenes, titanic story that spans centuries, and n**-slps galore; Tenjou Tenge has a little bit of awesome for everyone. Brought to you buy the guy who does Air gear, Tenjou Tenge is chick full of violence and win.
4.5/5, I'm a huge fan of type moon and generally gobble uup anything they crap out. Im like that with Sony and Sqare enix as well...weird, anyway, Tsukihime is no exception. even if i wasn't a total fanboy, i'd still recommend a read through on this one. a kid with a SEVERE split personality who is compelled to kill anything with a hint of evil in it falls in love with the most powerful vampire ever. so, you know there is a little of that "spousal abuse" about. Arcueid is go!
Ubel Blatt
Umi no Misaki
Unbalance X Unbalnce
1/5, Uzumaki was stupid.
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