6 months later
The sea, rumored to take up most of the world, legends stating how a goddess sleeps within it's depths, her dreams affecting the currents and tides, and her tears formed the many mermaids and fishes that swam into it's depths.
Kit stared into the dark seas, Kai had sent her off to train with is older brother for a few months, and now she was on her way home, all of this, seemed to be a dream, it was six months after her 15th birthday, Kai's brother, Decrie, had been more a woman lover than a teacher.
Her taught her how a woman could fight a man, using the gifts god had given her without actually ravaging her.

She smiled lightly, she would miss him. But she felt strange, the air filled of salt water was not of the sea, and fat ahead, she could see the clouds begin to dark, the wind began to pick up softly, but before she could think further on it, she heard the bell ring below, lunch was ready.
Sailors below began to enter in the middle room of the ship, she took one more glance out into the sea, and made her way down from the crows nest.

DING DING, DING DING the ships mast bell rang with alarm, Kit immediately opened her eyes, she could hear the foot steps running from her private room.
Pushing the blanket off of her, she had to time to look for her pants when she heard the captains voice. "WAKE UP!! THE SEA SHE WAKES, GRAB THE SAILS, HOST THE ANCHOR, PREPARE FOR BATTLE!"

She did as she was told, in nothing but a long man's shirt, she placed on her knee high boots, and ran up into the deck, but upon reaching the top of the steps, she slipped and fell onto the deck floor, her hair a strewn, grown now past her shoulders and stuck to her face with the help of the sea water, she stared in complete awe as she looked up at the ship.
A great storm, a cyclone made of water laid ahead of them, it was as if it were drying to drain the sea into the heavens, she knew they wouldn't make it, it was pulling them in.

No! she jumped up and ran over to the first mast, the men were having a problem pulling down the sails. No matter what she did, how she helped the sail wouldn't come down, she panted and let the rope loose, the rest of the men were dragged to the mast and held their grip with their legs. "Kit what're doing! Help us!"
"Shut up!" she screamed, her eyes scanning the ship, she had to think, the cries of men sliding into the seas to meet their deaths below in Davy Jones lockers.
Lighting flashed, her eyes on the sail above, she lifted up her short to take one of the daggers which were bound to her leg, running to the mast, she placed the dagger within her mouth and climbed up until she reached the very pole that held up the sails.

The wind blew harder and the rains came down hard, the Sea, she was crying, in pain, she could feel it, they would join her and suffer with her also.
Tears came down her cheeks from the Salt water stinging her eyes, she climbed onto the masts' pole and gripped her hand over it's ledge, sticking the dagger into the thick cloth, she jumped down and used her body weight to rip the sail in two, the wind was so strong that when it blew through the slit, it made a giant hole.
She hung there for a few minutes, and let go, falling onto her thigh.
Yes it hurt, but she had no time to think of pain, it was do or die. "where is the steers men!" she commanded, the captain was no where in sight, she had heard him, but she could no see him.

She rushed up and ran over to a fellow sailor. "WHERE IS THE HELMS MEN!" she commanded once more, the sailor shook with cold water. "H-he died, we're all going to die! We going to die!!" he screamed, he was gone, the fever of the storm. He was useless, she tossed him to the side to bellow on the floor and walked over to the wheel, it was spinning out of control, she gripped it with both hands and grunted. "You will not take me!!" she yelled and braced her foot down, slowly she tried managed to move the wheel the other direction, she needed to steer the ship away and towards the eye of the storm, why wasn't it working....she Grunted once more, holding her breath until thunder boom, and lighting struck the mast of the ship, it caught fire, and she watched in horror, that's when she noticed the Capitan behind her, she quickly turned, her distraction causing the wheel to turn back once more, she caught it. "Captain!? Help me.." But he just stood there.
"Captain..." She said softly, then yelled. "Captain Green!" she said once more, his face was blank, but his eyes were sad, "We are not going to make it...."
"what.." She couldn't believe her ears. "We can! If we take down the mast we-" she couldn't finish her sentence, she was hoisted onto his shoulder and headed from the steering wheel, she looked back, "What are you doing?! You never give up, help me!" she demanded, he remained silent, "You can make it, one of the best swimmers I know.." She couldn't get what he was saying, but as she got closer to the railing, her eyes widened. "you can't be serious, we can save the ship!!!"
The boat hit something, a sharp thud was heard. "The hull has been pierced! The ship is sinking!"
She whimpered lightly, this was the end, she could still them at least seven other men trying hard to work while five others simply laid on the deck, exhausted and gave up, they choose their fates. "Captain.." She said, tears going down her eyes, he helped her and taught her so much. "Don't do this to me.." She pleaded, she couldn't lose someone else she loved.
She stopped, right at the railing, and she was filled with a new fear mixed with relief, "Stay below the tides..." Was his last words, the next thing she knew, she was watching the Captains face disappeared into the darkness, she hit water, cold water, and kept on falling until she got her body upright, and swam up to the surface.
Gasping for air, she watched the ship slowly ship while being pulled into the sea, sadly enough, she didn't hear any screams, and standing on the last portion that had yet to reach the water, the captain stood, a proud smile on his face until he eventually joined the ship in the water. And almost soon after he was dead, the sky had seemed to calm down, the skies lightened and the cyclone was all but gone, no trace of it left.

She floated there, a piece of wood resting under her to keep her afloat, once more tears came to her eyes as she watched a bird fly by.


"Mistress Kit, Kitiayame." her head was pounding, she felt so dirty on the sandy beach, something was shaking her, raging storms, black seas.
She opened her eyes immediately, a man with pure white hair and hazel eyes was there to greet her, still young.
She groaned lightly her hand coming up to her head. "Michael..." She said softly, and not soon after, a teary smile spread on her face, all went black, the only sound she couldn't hear, the only thing she could see, was the screamless ship descending into the waves.