A few months later
She bit back her tears, and bent her head back. Eyes closed, the pain was sharp, none like she had never felt before. She couldn't hold it any longer. Suddenly she allowed her breath to escape her mouth, it was sharp, and cold. She couldn't do it, but she had to, she had not yet reached her limit, had her victory.
"Get up.." Was his only words, he had not yelled, he didn't scream, he never screamed. His voice, the only needed to bring a woman into his bed, and the only thing needed to bring a man down.
He frowned, his icy blue eyes seemed to turn into slits, "I will not repeat my self.." He said in his dry tone. The tip of the sword that was in his hand was resting on the ground, his fingers tapping impatiently on it's hilt. "You wanted me to continue where ChioChi left off...and now you want to lie down? I did not agree you train you for 'free' if all your going to do it lay down puppet."

She could only glare, she wanted to cry and run away, but she wasn't a little girl anymore, instead, she pulled her arms from the ground, resting up briefly, she slowly crawled up into a standing position. She did not know what she did, but she had obviously made her teacher mad, he was giving her the beating of a lifetime.
She panted, her right hand lifted up and she wiped the flowing blood that tried to blind her eye.
She took a deep breath, spitting blood from her mouth when he had punched her jaw. Bending down, she picked up her sword, her left hand going behind her back, the rule of this lesson, she just stood there, her sword standing in the air as she waited for him to come.
"Good..." Was his only reply, he charged at her, his hand brought down the sword in a horizontal slash, and at the last minute she was able to fend it off, striking her blade in front of her face, clashing with his. "Ah.." She grunted lightly and pushed him back, she had to be strong. Her promise, ChioChi...She shook her head rapidly and ran towards him , both hands now gripped the hilt of the blade. Attack to Kill was all she could remember, the first lesson she learned when she started training with him.
But before she could make contact, Kai leaned to the side, the blade only getting the side of his arm, cutting the fabric of his shirt, when he was cleared out the way, he grabbed her arm and pulled her down only to send the back of the sword slamming down into her back.

Her eyes widened, she didn't scream, she couldn't scream, it was forbidden. Men didn't scream, and she was learning a man's sword.
She laid there on the ground, she couldn't fell anything but the wound in her side that was made earlier my her masters' blade.
She coughed, blood now on the floor, silent tears ran from her eyes.

He cocked his head to the side and kneeled down beside her, "Are you crying my puppet?" he asked in a voice filled with fake concern, she wanted to kill him, to spit in his face and call him what he was!

He stood up, sighing, he suddenly with drew his leg only to send it flying into her side, where the gash was made into her upper hip until her body rolled over onto her back.
"Ah!" she bit back her scream, her eyes closed and her hands laying at her sides.
Her hair was cut short previously, laying in a pile not far from her, she shuddered, "Get up.." Was all she heard, she couldn't see, everything was black..."I will not repeat my self." his final warning.

She squinted her eyes, and slowly sat up, her feet climbing under her, until she stood. He handed her the sword and she took it, "Alright..." He said softly, his right arm going behind his back as she faced her. "Again..."
Metal clashed, a sharp scream was heard.