Her arms rested on the table, being used as a pillow for her head, she slept softly and the candles seemed to dim down as the day grew close to ten o'clock that night.
"Kitiayame, sweetie..." an older woman shook her daughter gently, her brown skin glowing in the candles light. She could only smile gently, knowing her little girl was tired from her big day. "My little fox..." She giggled lightly, "please wake up." she pleaded, her hands moving through the girls black hair softly as an attempt to gently wake her, and she did.
Her small hands rubbing against her eyes softly, "Matem...is Papa here yet? I'm getting sleepy..." She trailed off her words replaced by a soft yawn.

Her mothers' brown eyes looked down at her sadly, "No sweetie, I'm afraid he's going to be late again, you know his work has been busy....go on off to bed."
Kit nodded lightly, her eyes puffy from exhaustion, "Tomorrow, I'll have a talk with papa, he'll regret missing it.." She said softly and walked into her room, the door closing softly behind her, and a few minutes later, the room was quiet, the food on the table was gone, save for the one empty plate at the head of the table. The cake left uncut.
The woman sighed, her shaking hand running through her dark brown hair as she stood to clean up the mess.


The door softly opened, and two black boots walked softly on the wood floor. His breathing was deep, his sapphire eyes, shot read from his night out.
He sighed, and allowed his broad shoulders to stretch to the ceiling, "Where have you been?" he suddenly heard a voice from the crimson arm chair, sitting in front of the fire place, like his wife, his skin was a light brown, his hand coming to slick back his forehead, "I do not answer to you..." was his only reply.

Her nails gripped the velvet material of the chair, she was grinding her teeth, her eyes swelled up with tears. He had been acting like this all week, and she had been taking it without question. "Is it another woman?" she asked suddenly, all was quiet, he suddenly laughed. "Aye, she served me drinks at the tavern, can't walk straight when you're drunken now can you..." His voice was gruff, a clear sign that he was telling the truth, but it wasn't enough, as quick as a cat she shot up from her chair and rushed over to him, he was a man, he wasn't doing his job, and to show him that she sent her fist flying across his cheek causing him to fall back onto the floor. "YOU!" she stopped, chocking on her own tears, she spoke in a fierce whisper, "You...how could you? I don't care what you do to me, but you missed your own child's birthday! We waited for hours on your return and you were busy out getting drunk? Who the hell are you?!" she fumed...her body was shaking, her hair, now failing slowly around her in a messy fashion.

"I did not leave my country for this!" she shot back, her brown eyes glaring into his sapphire ones, a man born of a white man and a black woman, he came over to the country of Africa and fell in love with her, and took her here! Only to do this.

"Are you daft woman? This is my house!!!" he roared.
"No! This is a man's house! And clearly you aren't one, therefore you are not welcome!" she screamed back.

He was panting, she was panting, and his eyes burned red and she froze when she heard the next words that came from his mouth. "Fayed Girvan...."
She just stood there, her eyes wide, How does... she slowly turned to face him. "What about him?" her voice quivered from her anger and grief, circles around her tear stained eyes.
"Did you think I wouldn't find out, you unfaithful whore! I know you've been with him!"
"Helping a friend!"
"A friend I wouldn't know about!?"

she hysterical, tears once more flew down her cheeks rapidly, she had done nothing, "YOU KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM!!! I HAD NO CHOICE BUT NOT TO TELL YOU!!!"
"You knew he wanted you....and you still saw him?"
"I feel nothing for him, like I feel nothing for you!!! Get out of my house!
You're the one who flirts with women of the town and I have one friend who is a man, that I talk to and I am a whore! Get out!" she fell to her knees, her hands supporting her as she sat on the ground, she couldn't do this. "Get out..." She weeped heavily, she was losing the one she loved.

He growled, "Know this...you are mine and no one else's, this is my house and no one else's..."he slowly unsheathed his sword. "If I cannot have you, no one will..."
and just when Amelia looked up at her husband, her exposed chest was pierced through with his sword, she just sat there, blood dripping everywhere, her eyes wide with shock, the pain, the pain was to much to bear.

Silently he withdrew his sword, letting her dieing body fall in front of the fire place, and walked out of the door, closing it softly behind him.

12 years later

Kit giggled happily, the blossom of her youth had begun 3 years before, but no one would know due to the fact that she wore trousers and a mans shirt. "Papa ChioChi!" she called out to the top of the hay barn, "Throw it down here, I have to leave soon!" her sapphire eyes shined brightly, as she tied a crimson ribbon around her hair to keep it pulled back, and out of the way while she worked. She didn't have brothers or sisters, it was just her and ChioChi.

He laughed, he didn't know why, no one made a joke, it was her laughter, her smile, her bright shining eyes, "Kit, are you sure you can take it?" he asked, a stack of hay in his gloved hands, his emerald green eyes shining. "Throw it already!" "What?"
She giggled once more, a deep blush of pink glowing on her cheeks, "Please papa!" she said emphasizing 'papa', she was rewarded with a toss of the hay bundle being thrown at her.
She grunted lightly, not expecting it to be this heavy, but she didn't fall, instead she threw it over it shoulder and walked over the stable where the horses were waiting to be feed.

He smiled and looked at her, wiping the red hair from his face as he gazed at the clouds, "Aye, Amelia, I wish you could see how strong she has become.
ChioChi grinned, his hand waving above his head to greet Kit from afar.


"Blasted piece of....!!!" he quickly bit down on his finger, the stupid needle p***k him, a grown man harmed a mere needle. "Gah... how do women do these things..." he said and calmed down, sitting down on the stool he took the dress in his hand and once more began to try and sew on the silk ribbon onto the sapphire gown.
When they were in town, and Kit laid eyes on this dress in the window, he felt utterly heart broken that he couldn't get it for her, she never asked for it, or even hinted that she wanted it after that day.
She simply smiled and walked forward, taking his hand and calling him papa. He would admit to not liking the idea of taking care of her when she was younger, but as the time went by, he couldn't see her as anything else but his daughter, his precious little girl, his fallen angel from the sky, his goddess from Nile, his princess of a diamond. And no one would have her! Any man that wanted her would have to past his tests, and he would make sure they would die trying.
But even though he would protect her, he also feared that no man would appreciate her unique beauty.

Getting back to his hard task, he heard a knock at the door, "Hold on..." he said, the impatient knocker just wouldn't wait Boom, Boom, Boom!
but when he opened the door, he was greeted by a man in a dark hooded cloak. Holding up a signet of a fox encircled by snow with a black rose in his mouth, "By Orders of Jamal Sahara..." he simply shrugged his shoulders, "Ex-hunter you should know the rest.." he unsheathed his sword.


Kitiayame walked home slowly from her errand in the city, she yawned. Tired, dirty, and hungry , she couldn't wait to get home. It was well past 11:00 and in one hour she will be 16! Oh the joy!
and when she saw that the lantern was lit in the windowsill, her tired legs picked up enough energy to run the rest of the way home. But upon reaching the wooden gate entrance, she saw the body of a hooded figure, covered in blood and his right arm not very far from his body, sword still clutched in his hands. She could only stare, flashbacks from her childhood flashed of her mothers body lying in front of the fireplace ran through her mind.
Her face, her still opened eyes and mouth.

She shuddered, her eyes welling up but tears could now flow, instead they widened in horror. "ChioChi..." She whispered softly, her head quickly turned toward the cabin, where the door stood wide open, a trail of flood lead from the yard to the inside of the house. ChioChi! she darted past the dead body, the basket she was carrying abandoned by the gate.
"Papa!!!!" she screamed and ran into the building, to her surprise, there he was, lying in the corner of the wall,his eyes was closed, but when she walked over to him, she could tell he was alive, he was still breathing, his chest moving up and down was a miracle to her eyes. "Papa, wait here, I'll go-" she was cut off, and pulled into his arms to lay against his chest, which was where his fatal wound was inflicted. "N-no..." he said suddenly. "I've been here to long, you won't-" "No! Don't say it!! Please don't say it, don't leave me!!" her eyes were filled with tears, her faced buried into his silken shirt.
She couldn't believe this was happening, especially when he began to laugh. "My little fox...my sweet angel, do you remember, the first time I taught you how to shoot a bow? I was injured then, an arrow right in the shoulder! How...how did I get that?" it was getting hard for him to breath, soon he was coughing and blood came from the corner of his mouth.
"Don't speak papa please..." "Tell me!"
She stayed silent, and sniffed, now choking on her words as she looked down at him, slowly she moved her arms to wrap gently around his waist, which he welcomed by wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "M-me..it was me...I-I thought you were g-going to die..' she said breathlessly.
"And what did I say?"
"You told me not to cry, and to stay with you during your last hours..."
he nodded then smiled. "Then what?"
She lifted her head and looked up at him, staring into his clear emerald eyes, she moved a strand of red hair from his face, even now, on the brink of death, he was smiling down at her warmly. "You laughed at me, and started to treat your own wound...." She was now looking at him, her eyes sparkled with little anger, she never did find that memory grand, but he did.
He laughed, "I love that twinkle, your fathers eyes, but your mother's soul. Kit..." he suddenly said, coughing once more, he was struggling to speak, his hands grabbed her shoulders tightly. "Kit, please stay strong for me! Stay strong!" he pleaded with her, for once during this time, his eyes were sad, she knew it was time, and she nodded repeatedly, sniffing as tears flowed down her cheeks, "Yes....yes...." She said repeatedly, "Stay...." was all he could said, his eyes stood there, half-closed he grinned lightly, she was praying, praying that this was another cruel joke, a prank, but it wasn't, his arms fell to rest on his stomach, his breathing shallowed until it was there no more. His eyes finally closed, she looked down at him, shaking her head, "ChioChi..." She whispered softly, "No...no.." She shook him gently, "Please wake up!" she pleaded, her vision altered, she was little again, her mother was on the floor and no matter how hard she shook her, she wouldn't wake up, she wouldn't wake up!

"ChioChi!!!" she screamed, her arms desperate holding his still head to her chest. "PAPA!!!!!!"