... I'm in despair! The fact that I have finished Zoku Zetsubou Sensei AND Higurashi has left me despair!!

Well, not really. xD I'm kind of sad I'm finished with them but I am also glad I am too. HIGUKAI IS THE BEST. SERIOUSLY. BETTER THEN ORIGINAL HIGURASHI. GO WATCH IT NOW OR SUFFER OYASHIRO-SAMA'S WRATH.

-cut to scene of Hanyuu drooling in a corner-



Anyways, I wrote a review on Zetsubou Sensei at my regular anime update page. You know, this one right here --> CLICK IT NOW HURRY!! So I won't bother talking about the show on this entry as I've said everything already there. =D

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach with Azzy, Ma-chan, and Christie! We will have eggsalad sandwiches and swim and have fun and rollerblade and oh it will be glorious~! ... but I have to be up before 12. And it's 3:30 AM. I'm probably a retard. =w= Uguu~

Oh, also I picked up my Sakura figurine today! It looks very pretty in my room and it arrived safely and in near-perfect condition! (I say near-perfect because I can see some chips but they're barely noticeable)

Okay, so that's all for tonight! I should get my tired self to bed so I can wakeup in the morning and not pass out, mwehehehe! Oyasuminasai, ni-paaahh!

... I sure hope Weegee doesn't bother me tonight...

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