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my journal well this is my thoughts...... ideas.... feelings... funny things are in here..... some disturbing stuff...... (i know wat ur thinking not tht type i mean like deathy wishes xD ok maybe not like tht exactly) ummm and some other stuff :D

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woah this was the scariest expirence ive ever had!
(NOTE! : THIS WAS WRITTEN ON SUNDAY SO THIS MAYBE KINDA CONFUSING SO I JST WANTED TO ADVISE U PPL THT ARE READING THIS LOL) ..... ok heres the story so i was gonna spen the night at my friends house cus we went to a party together and we got back at like ten and we were in her room sittin normally and everything watching tv and eating chip and like around 11 or 12 we hear car screaches and my friend already saw a car crash earlier tht week and she was like not worried and was like ha o wow another one huh. but then out of no where we saw a light and out of no where we the lights go off in the room and the car crashes through her wall and a part of her little brothers room and her dresser and other things go flying to the door and the pieces off wall go too and the glass goes flying and me and my friend before the car came we were on the bed sitting and eating chips with chile and watching tv and then tht happened and back to were i was... we start to panic and i hear someone scream like as if it was a little baby like 2 or 3 months old being killed and then i got a mental picture of a baby in the car all burned up and bloody and i begin to panic and scream saying martha! corre!! abre la puerta!!! which means martha!!! run open the door! and were panicing and running to the door but the dressers were in the way and the glass and wall and we are trying to open the door but we couldnt cus her little brother (hes 11) was trying to open the door too. and im screaming then my friend martha says o my god!! the cars gonna explode!!!! cus we heard a noise u no wen the tank and u no anyways she said rene i love u! let go of the door!!! the cars gonna explode plz let go!!! and then i saw her she was like suffocating cus of the smoke and the flying dust and im like marthat u ok?! and shes like yeah then we finally opened the door and ran out of the room and some how both of us some how ran out of the door basically at the same time and the opening wass small anyways we ran out and went outside to the front and her step dad called the police and we went out side sat on the floor crying scared nervouse and were hearing the neighbors cussing the guy out and telling him stuff and one guy jumped at him and tried to chocke him and then they came asap and the ambulance and they check her brother and he had cut on his head and on his legs and we didnt get checked cus we didnt want to and we were fine thank god nothing happened to us not even a little scrape anyways were outside and we saw the man he was a drunk driver and he had a friend and he ran away before the police came and they were asking him if he had someone but he denied it and there were people tht saw him run awau so the police take him away later on the police comes and says tht the guy barely turned 18 and hes in jail no i think hopefully but we were interogated by the police and calmed down a little but i was so disturbed wen i hear the screaming earlier tht day and the pictuer kept running through my mind and the screaming and i was getting the feeling of throwing up but later i found out it was her brother screaming.... lol ..... anyways we were there for a while scared and i wasnt crying but i was nervouse and i was calling my mom but they didnt answerthe phone and they didnt and i left a message and my moms friend left a message to and wen she called lol.... i snatched tge phone from my friend and started to cry and talked to my mom finally and then she came later on and i ran to her and my dad and felt relived tht they were there and we went to her room and looked at the mess and we got our stuff the one we really needed and left to my house and we got there (around 1 or 2 am) and i didnt want to sleep cus of the pictures and wat happened it was horrible =( i was so scared frightened i was in a state of trauma i hated tht moment and at night i couldnt sleep cus i felt like i was gonna throw up and i was still thinking about tht. and i would like relax and think of something else and i would get drwosy and dizzy and would fall asleep but 5 minutes later i would wake up and i was like tht the whole night until 6 am and im so tired but i cant go to sleep =( and its 9:39 now and im in pain but wel didnt get hurt thank god =D gonk

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