So, I'm going on the ones I can remember. Jeff finally ends up on the same brand as Matt, and Matt gets drafted, with kinda sucks, I wanted to see the Hardys team up a lot more. I believe Michal Cole got drafted to Raw, is that right? And then J.R. that is really......dumb. Rey-Rey on Raw... I don't really know what to say about that. Something else I can say is, before the final draft, Raw had most of the Most dominant superstars, pretty much Khali, Umaga, and Big Show where the only ones that weren't. And the final draft.... Ken Kennedy, that doesn't really mean much, and HHH, that well, honestly, I saw it coming, I knew it was going to be either him or Cena. Umaga going to Smackdown, He's going to have less competition there really.