Don't ask about that title. I just felt like typing that out for some reason.

So, I have quite a few things to talk about. Let's start with the funeral I went to on Friday.

So, since I set my last entry to private, no one who reads my journal would be able to see that I had said my uncle died.

So yeah... that happened... so we set off to Cochrane on Thursday (I slept the whole trip of course) and stayed in a hotel there. That day I went to my Aunt's for a bit (there was alot of people there) and then there was this sort of gathering at this building across from the hotel where all the family and friends came to discuss memories I guess. I met alot of family I had no idea I had that day.

Then the next day was the funeral, which was a very elaborate affair. The family sat in the front. It was very... Christian. I was a bit uncomfortable considering I am not Christian and had no idea what some of the customs they did were. It was a very sad, that funeral, but of course all funerals are. I did feel bad that I didn't cry at all though, when everyone around me was sobbing into their Kleenex. It's not that I wasn't sad, I was sad, I mean he was my uncle ... but I guess he just wasn't apart of my life enough to feel real loss.

We left that same day I came home and did nothing. Then Saturday, completely randomly Cody showed up at Azzy's door and they came over and dragged me outside. We went and got Dustin and his friend Wes, and we went to Tim Hortons first for food (although I could barely eat my frostie since there were FLIPPING SHADFLIES EVERYWHERE, one got in it at one point so I took that section of my frostie and whipped it at the ground... Dustin lamented that saying it was still good... O.o)

I wanted to play DDR but the arcade was closed and I unknowingly glared at one of the employees so he stopped and asked me what was wrong. I think I must give everyone evil eyes, because I am constantly being told I look at people that way. ._. So we went first to Blockbuster to rent Raiders of a Lost Ark, and that's also where I bought my $10 dollar Gamecube that was for sale in the Nintendo section. XD I was envied. Then we went back to Tim Hortons (the rest of the guys bought stuff this time) then we dragged them briefly through A&P because that's our custom (they set off all the talking bears while I looked at flowers) then we walked to Azzy's and hungout in her backyard.

Well, they played Monster Hunter and I sat around and thought about some things as I usually do. Cody insisted I hug him though I was like, "uhwhat" ... since I am not a terribly huggy person. I hugged him in the end though, and Wes too since he wanted one. o.o;

Then me and Azzy watched the rest of the Indiana Jones series. First Raiders of a Lost Ark, then The Last Crusade, since we already watched Temple of Doom last weekend. I looooove Indiana Jones, seriously. Dx Those movies are great.

The next day we watched some Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (she was weirded out but I lol'd alot) and since she was so busy with stuff I mostly sat on the computer and browsed things until we played WoW together, and we went through Ragefire Chasm, although we screwed up on this one part more then we should of... because Azzy kept jumping off the cliff when my quest guy was in the hole in the wall... XD

That night we couldn't just go to sleep. We kept trying but I kept saying things like "TWILIGHT PRINCAASS" or "Weeeegeeeeee!" ... which she got me started on. XD because we were discussing how Weegee watches you in your sleep. Weegee is always watching you.

And then Ricky commissioned me for art. I would of rather just given him giftart, but he was stubborn so he wouldn't take 'no pay' for an answer and ended up donating all his gold to me for a completely different reason. O.o To make this avi. Even though I'm rich and don't need donations. >.>; I should probably start on that art tonight while I still have my idea for it.

Tonight my brothers' friends are here and they are kicking me off the computer early. |: Blaaaahhh I'll go play TWILIGHT PRINCAAASSSS. Yeah. B) Or Windwaker maybe if Alex will let me borrow it. Since he's here, it shouldn't hurt to ask. Windwaker oh I love you sooo~ <3 Best Zelda IMO.

So ummm... yeah... got nothing else to write about. I might go watch Zetsubou Sensei now. I am really hungry though. I should eat something seeing as I only had waffles this afternoon. Tomorrow I should go rollerblading. And job hunting. I'll do both yesss. O.o Geez I need a job to occupy my time... all I do is sit around and think too about about my life, when I should be out there DOING things.

Oooh I have pizza now. <3

Okay so I guess that's the extent of this journal. You know, luck has been kind of looking up for me again so I sure hope this week is a good one...

Please summer give me something amazingly memorable to combat last summer, or else I'll just keep thinking about it.

Kbyeee~ heart

And remember... Weegee is always watching...

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