you go around like you know, who i am, but you don't ...

Hmm, so you want a TekTek? Well, I think I can be of some help. Take a look at some of my past TekTeks, and see if they please you. If so, keep reading to see what I need to know before I can go ahead and try to make you one. C:

&yes, I made all these either for myself or someone else. They don't all look perfect, but I never said they were, no did I? (;
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more coming soon. (:

So now, I'm guessing if your reading this you've looked at my examples, and want one, yes? Follow these rules and guidelines, and you should be on your way to receiving a TekTek.

Please tell me...
-> what body style you have
-> what eye style + colour you have
-> what hair style + colour you have
-> what mouth style you have
-> items you have already/your enviro (if possible)
-> items you want on it
-> price range/limit
-> colour (s) you want
-> anything else you'd like to add, or I've forgotten
Allow me some time to make your TekTek.
Don't rush me, and/or badger me with questions or comments like "Is it done yet?," "When will it be done?," "Can your hurry up please?" etc. etc. I do have other things to do, and this is merely a hobby/something I like to do when I'm bored or when I have free time
I have the right to add/remove/edit rules as I think is necessary.

Interested? Either leave a comment here with your information or PM me with it. Thanks! <33

... i'm burning up for you baby <3