Mad Angel
By Erik Patterson

Annie: Eckhardt’s daughter
Junior: Jesse Fair
Nathan Compos: Alucard Compos
Nathan Evans: Chief Evans
Erik Patterson: Reven Adox
Rachel: Smilax
Sam: Murlaxia= Samlaxia
Brian: Toushiro Akimichi
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Chapter 1 Introductions

There are so many anime shows, so much imagination that we see
Everyday. Now today not many people would turn off their TV’s.
I sometime I believe that technology has made our world into a futuristic realm. I’ll be honest with you I should be reading more to unleash my imagination. But it feels like I can make my own world and I want to share it with you and that’s what I want to do. The story I will tell is no like no other. It is called Mad Angel.
What is Mad Angel you ask? Well I’ll tell you all about it and one more thing. You will soon know who I am. Anyway the story starts out with a group of friends and a little girl’s fate become intertwined. As the day begins in the afternoon, a father and her little girl who were heading to the cemetery to see their love ones. They always remember the long rides they both had and so the picnics we would have at the country side. When they got to the cemetery she was walking with her father hand and hand to the resting place where her mother was. While we were walking she saw a man, a woman, and a little boy who was placing roses on the grave. As soon as they hug each other, they began to leave. The little girl and her father made it to the grave that they were looking for. As they both prayed and replaced the withered old flowers with new ones. You’re wondering if this is the right story, well it all started when everything was going being black and then you see the point of view from inside a bag, and a thing are rattling around as the zipper is open and a hand reaches in and grabs a book and places it on the desk. You see it was just a another boring day at
School and that’s just about to end. I always keep saying to myself that nothing special is happening as a freshmen but it’s just the usual stuff I deal with like everyday. But not all days are meaningless I still get to hangout with my friends after school and pretty much brightens up the day. Oh yeah This is my name is Adox and the guy two guys who are following him are his best buds. The guy on the left, his name is Jesse Fair; we knew each other since my little brother’s first sleepover. Jesse is known for his swordsmen ship. I’ll admit he’s good at glomping and funny I’ll give you that but one of the nicest people you’ll want to meet. The tall one on the right, his name is Alucard Compos. I met him in my freshmen year; remember what I said about one of the nicest people that you’ll wanna meet; well he’s one of them. Trust me you do not want to wonder away because he’ll bring you right back to the group by force. Alucard’s tough I’ll admit that. The next guy you see with an energy sword. You know the one wearing the armor with an energy sword. That’s Chief Evans; I met him back in middle school. So far ever since I was a freshman he convinced me to join a guild with other cosplayers from this school. He may be a knuckleheaded gentleman, but I’m glad I met him. Okay now see the chick with the pink-haired carrying that pink-bladed scythe with a green handle. That’s Samlaxia but she prefers to be called Murlaxia. She pretty handy with a scythe and doesn’t like to be called cotton candy head. One guy called her that and I’m sure that you don’t wanna know how it ended. Anyway she’s hangs out with us when ever she’s not busy with the organization. This reminds me she passed their testes last year and now is a part of the organization. I have to say she’s got guts standing to the organization when the promoted her. Anyway moving on through the introductions, the school that we go to is called Madam Bovinchi’s school of creativity. This is school is not like ordinary high school, the school is for students to show their artistic side. So far we got your Artist, Readers, Writers, Crazy stunt Professionals, Pyromaniacs, Food artist, Poets, stunt classes, Cosplay/role-play Drama, Comedy and Action, Hairstylist for regular and special anime, Cross firing trainees, Demon slayers,
Weapons makers, jewelry makers, Stealthy thieves, crazy clowns,
Pony tamers, snobby creators, mad scientist and evil creations. Yep the whole nine yard on this school. When I first came to this school. It was during the freshmen orientation. The administrator informed us that from time to time, the student will experience their special gifts or curses within them. So far only ones were to have there special talents are: Alucard, Fair, Evans, Murlaxia, xyra and Toushiro. Mostly I haven’t had mines…yet, maybe because it’s because I’m a late bloomer or something. Anyway now that school is over I should see what up with everyone else. As I was walking
I caught up with Lily. As we greet each other.

Adox: hey Lily what’s up?
Lily: nothing much and you?
Adox: well just glad today is over
Lily: yeah me too, it’s ashamed that I can’t stay after school today, because I have to get ready.
Adox: for what?
Lily: well today I’m practicing on how to turn annoying fan boys into chibi’s
Adox: (confused) um…okay??
Lily: (chuckling) then when I’m done with that
Then I’ll force them in dresses, and then I’ll take depressing pictures of them and put it on my Yazoo *Yazoo referring to Yahoo*and then I’ll make them dance *raising voice as the background goes lightening *and they’ll sever me as their cute and lovely queen. ISN’T THAT AMAZING!!! *looking at Adox* HUH, HUH, HUH. That’s how I turned my b*****d of an ex boyfriend into a chibi
Adox…wow…um…that’s beautiful Lily
Lily: (smiling) yup, I know hehehe, Hey I got to go okay I’ll talk to you later. (Waving) bye Adox (leaving).
Adox: (Waving) bye…in a weird scary way.
(Make the holy cross on his chest)

(Now let me give you the downside of this school you see those three guys chilling under the saukra tree, staring at Lily.
As Lily began walking home, Adox was walking around the campus to look for his friends. Three guys were lurking under the tree looking at Lily as she passed through. The one on the left, his name is Jaxs, a tall guy wearing black jeans and a buttoned up shirt and white shoes. The one the middle, his name is Slither was wearing blue jeans and a gray shirt was crouching on the ground. The last guy was in a yellow pimp suit holding on to a black can with a dragon statue on top the where his hand was covering it. His name is Jet Barson, the school’s ladies man and the underground mobster. So far these guys have different interest. For example, *Jeopardy theme playing* Okay here’s the short version on these guys. Here’s Jaxs, One of the few members on Jet’s team. Jaxs is usually the muscle in the group. If there’s a broken door in front of him, he’ll bust it wide open. For some reason he likes Winnie the pooh and whenever he’s mad he goes berserk for not having peanut butter for the last 2 minutes. Now Slithers he’s a different story. Addicted to chemistry, and making mischief oh the first-year students by *helping * them with their Exams by sabotaging they experiments. The one thins he enjoys is the art of destruction, which earns him a place in Jet’s list of suckers. Last and not least our main man Jet. You see this guy is very different from Slithers and Jaxs. He uses smooth persuasion to get what he wants. Mostly he enjoys thieving students and sells them back to them like socks.
Whenever Jet got in trouble, he would smooth talk his way out of trouble with the school. I mean Ladies, Football players, Lunch Lady, Miss Angie, Our sexy Latino teacher I have for third period ^_^, art teacher, principal, female law enforcers and his companion’s hot cousin that visit in the summer. Our Hometown is in Tokyo, Japan. I’ll admit it’s not like our old hometown and school. Out here in Tokyo, it’s amazing because in this town you’ll never be bored. Mostly every Friday we would go to the towns or
Go sightseeing. But on vacations would celebrate it by going outside of Tokyo to the countryside. We would pool our money together so that we can rent a house in the countryside. Take last year’s trip for example. For New Years Eve, in the morning, we all went to the arcade to play DDR. In the afternoon for lunch, we went a ramen shop called Jangara, after that we went shopping. Well only the girls went shopping and bought some fireworks, the guys we bought some fireworks from a merchant cart vendor. Then at the evening we all got dressed up for festival that was happening downtown. To kick the new years we decided to have a DDR/Guitar Hero III showoff. After the countdown to finish off the evening we danced like there’s no tomorrow. So yeah our New Years was a blast but something weird happen that the year before me lived in Tokyo. You see back at our old hometown we had a night/ house party at my house for a Halloween party till Out of nowhere this mysterious Meteorite was shooting through the night sky. We though it would be interesting if we all made a wish. As the Meteor was cruise through something happen. The meteor’s course began to head towards where we were standing. We panic and ran far away from the meteor’s impact. When the meteor made contact with the ground, its speed began to slow down till it reached to a stop and ended up in the woods. We decided to flip a coin weather we should head we would go call the cops or tails we could take matter into our own hands and check out the meteor. So we flipped the coin and it landed tails, so we gathered a couple of flashlights and some weapons that we could find. As we ventured into the dark woods trying to find the meteor that crashed landed not far from the apartment. Slowly as we were walking with as the path ahead of us began to glow as we were getting closer and closer. As we reached to where the meteor has landed, we gathered around to see what was left of it. The burning rock began to cool off it was still glowing and we wanted to take it back to my house and take pictures with it, just for the fun of it. Alucard, Zeke and Evans began to carry the rock back to the apartment. The walk to my house wasn’t very long and by the time we got back at the apartment inside with the meteor it was like 11:42p.m. So we were gone for like 6 minutes. So for the hell of it we took some pictures of our time at the party and with the meteorite. Some pictures were funny. Some were sad and romantic and some were really disturbing. Oh god!!! I’m it’s all coming back to me, damn it now I’m stuck with these mental images. Okay to finish this chapter what happened was that we were having the time of our lives, till meteorite was starting to glow rapidly over and over. When Zeke Noticed the meteorite was acting stranger by the minute, He started
Warn everybody that the meteorite was going to blow. But no one quite heard him. As the meteorite glowing grew faster and faster and faster till it stop glowing. As the tension grew silent the meteorite’s color turned red and blew up and splatters this black ooze that smells like squid, all over the guest in the living room.