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RP Characters!
This is a collection of RP people I can use.
RP Character Storyline Pt. 1.3
The Watchman storms about the castle, eventually reaching a blank wall. With Kip, his personal assistant, on his shoulders, he pushes a part in the wall. The wall opens to a hidden elevator, which the Watchman takes to a lower part of the castle, unknown to the princess. "What are you going to do boss?" "What do you THINK I'm going to do!? I've been denied my right to the throne for CENTURIES...and now is not the time for the princess to pick a suitor! It's not FAIR!" The elevator comes to a halt, deep inside the earth. It opens into the Watchman's own throne room, carved into the stone. He walks inside and smacks the skeleton trio, Kami, Kazi, and Ed. "What is it?" "Come on, boys. We need to rally the troops." "Why?" "Because, Kazi...it's time for the death of the King..." "Why, is he sick?" "NO YOU IDIOT, we're going to kill him! The queen to." "But aint she not really a queen yet?" "I know that." "Than whoze gonna rule the kingdom?" "Who do you think." The trio all stop and think for a second. "ME YOU DOLTS! I've waited for centuries for this day, and you skeletons AREN'T going to screw this up for me! I've made my promise...it's time you upheld yours." "And that would be..." TheWatchman groans and swipes the three again. Ed giggles and stops his head from spinning, then the other two. "I gave you shelter...I mislead skeleton hunters...I gave you food...and now, you all get the right to live in the Kingdom instead of that pathway to hell." "Oh..." The Watchman slams open two large double doors and walks into a large room, where an army of skeletons are awaiting him. "Alright, boys! It's time for redemption! It's time for our coup of the kingdom! It's time for MY reign!" The army cheers and begins to march intop the darkenss of the cavern, which connects to a large canyon. The Watchman laughs in delight as his troops continue on their march. "It's finally my turn..."

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