A friend said I needed to sum up Rose's character and her life, so here it is.

Rose was born in a forest to parents that were part of a special group of foxes. They had the form of the fox, and had emotions that were stronger than human emotions. The foxes often fought. The thing is, once a fox of the tribe gained control of their emotions, they would be granted a partial-human form [half-human half-fox]. If they lost control of their emotions, they would not revert to their normal fox form, but a fiercer anthro-type creature that thirsts for blood and enjoys causing pain. The 'revert' also occurs to a fox every nine years on their birthday.
Rose gained control of her emotions when she was an eleven. Since she was no longer accepted by the tribe, she was cast out of the forest. She traveled on her own for three years until she found a world called Gaia. As she explored it, she came across a town called Durem. It was an interesting place- she explored it as well, and found a large, abandoned cathedral-like building and took refuge in it.
She made a living by delivering stock to the stores. She got fired after a year's work because she accidentally dropped several boxes of the clothes being delivered to Gambino Outfitters in the ocean.
Jobless, but with money saved up, Rose stayed like that until she was sixteen.
That's when she found out about the man the Isle was named after, Johnny K. Gambino, and all the great things he had done. She then realized that she wanted to be a supporter of him, and took off from her 'home' to seek out other like her. After days of searching, she came upon a building east of Barton called 'The Gambino Support Headquarters'.
Well, it was pretty obvious she had found what she wanted.
She went inside and made friends. Turned out they let their regulars stay there. And that is what she did.
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