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my story : the forever swordsman
this is a story i wrote.....personally
The Forever Swordsmen

My name is Dosutori Ashitoru and I’m a blacksmith but I’m only nineteen. The year was 1023 A.D. when I first found out, I was immortal, and this is how it all happened. I was on a trip from Tokyo to Tottori to deliver a recently forged sword, about half way there, a small brood of about thirteen thugs came up on the road behind me and as soon as they noticed me they had started to speed up a bit. As time passed they started to catch up to me, as it started to turn to dawn they caught up with me as they did they started to chortle under their breath. Then one of them decided to push me to the ground as he did so the rest of them swarmed in all around me, saying “what cha got there huh, is that a sword your delivering” laughing after words they then told me to give it to them but I refused so they started to draw their own swords but I was unarmed and it is dishonorable to use something you are delivering, then they started attacking and when it was all over they stuck my piece of work in my heart and as I lay there on the cold hard ground I realized something, I wasn’t dead yet. The thugs had started to leave so I got up but then the quote on quote leader of the group looked back at what they had done and noticed I was standing up, then said “I thought we just killed that guy,” then the others looked back in astonishment, as they ran back to try and finish the job I pulled my piece of work out of my chest, unsheathed it, and prepared my self for a fight that would last forever.

-2008- Ontario, California. It has been nine hundred eighty-five years since that fateful day and all that time I’ve had to keep changing names quite a few times, for the moment I am living as Nathan Campos and so far this life was starting to look peaceful, or so I thought. Later that day I began to ponder what death was like then the idea of love popped into my head and right at that moment there was a knock at the door when I answered the door it was a scraggly looking man so I said abruptly “hello, what do you want I you don’t mind my asking I’m a little busy” and as soon as I finished he pulled out a gun and started shooting luckily I had noticed him take it out and I got out of the way quickly enough, I ran to my room to grab my swords and a few seconds after I got them the guy started to walk into the room he was unprepared for a surprise attack from behind the door, so as soon as he came in to view I stabbed my unsheathed sword straight through his lung and into his beating heart. After I was sure he was dead I pulled out the sword from the corpse and sheathed it then I checked him for identification but I couldn’t find anything so I turned around thinking he was but a lowly thief, I then decided to turn him over and to my surprise he bore an astounding resemblance to one of the thugs who had attacked me those many years ago. I got a little flustered, at first I thought maybe a relative but then why would he go after me if he didn’t know about that dreadful day, then out of all my expectations the man got up and with out my noticing ran over to the wall where I had some swords mounted, grabbed one which I heard, turned around then prepared my self again, he attacked but I had blocked his initial blow, spun around him and took off his precious head, then I realized “if that first cut didn’t kill him, what if I’m not the only immortal.”

All of a sudden I heard another knock at the door but this one was more petite, I hid the corpse and covered the blood, then a feminine voice called out “hello?” so I replied “just a sec I’m trying to get to the door,” when I opened the door I was quite surprised to see leslie from school, and also a girl I’ve liked for quite some time. When I noticed it was her I said “oh hey, what’s up,” and almost too quickly she responded with “I happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by to say hi,” then she started to blush nervously. For about thirty minutes or more we were talking in my living room then, leslie, I was wondering….if maybe you’d like to go out on a date with me….sometime?” she blushed an almost blood red and gave a hesitated answer “y-y-yes,” and I excitedly said “really!” but at that moment her cell phone went off and she had to leave so I bade her farewell and shut the door as she left she said “yeah, really!” That night I was laying down in my bed thinking about leslie and everything else that had happened today especially that guy who had gotten back up even after I had stabbed right through his heart and lung, then my thoughts drifted back to leslie and I soon realized I had her number and I figured that I should call tomorrow and set up a date. So the next morning I called leslie’s house it rang for a while then a guy answered saying “who is this” so I replied
“Oh my name is Nathan is leslie there?” and he said “come over at three P.M. or she dies” in horror and anger I screamed “who is this who are you!?” he chuckled and then retorted “I’m a very, very old friend” then he started laughing hard and hung up the phone. So I had decided to ask some friends for some help their names and styles of fighting were David a tri swordsman, Jacob a puppeteer, Alex a claymore user, Lance a septi-swordsman , Daniel a melee fighter with gauntlets , Tina a staves woman , and Surge he uses tomahawks, when I had called all of them they asked what the situation was and I told them I had a few explanations that I would rather tell them in person so I invited them all over to hear it. By the time they had gotten to my house I told them the situation and I figured I should tell them what I was also. Alex, Lance, and Jacob didn’t believe me so for a demonstration for the proof they wanted I asked Alex, the strongest of the three, to stab me through the heart, so he stood up, took out his sword, and plunged it straight through my heart I didn’t even flinch so I said with a sigh” so do you all believe me now” Alex then pulled out his sword in haste thinking it would hurt me but it hardly even phased me he then withdrew in astonishment then I said “I always did hate doing that” then lance spoke up saying “so if you are immortal how have you retained the form of a nineteen year old teenager” then I replied “I was actually wondering who would ask that, but sadly even I don’t know let alone even understand that myself” then all of a sudden the quietest of the group David spoke up saying “so, if your immortal why do you need the help of us quote on quote mere mortals, and also what’s with the lump in the middle of the room?” then I answered “that lump, is my answer to your first question” they all started to stare forebodingly at the lump I lift the sheet covering it and they all saw the beheaded corpse, Jacob said “how’s a corpse an explanation?” I answered “when he attacked me yesterday afternoon I had stabbed him through the heart just like Alex just did to me and yet, he got back up after a short while, meaning our enemies are most likely his accomplices meaning they are probably immortals just like me, there were most likely thirteen before I took out this one and that’s why I needed your guy’s help, do you all understand?” there was a long awkward silence then Lance, the leader of our little group, said that they would all help me out with my dilemma. So for the rest of the night we planned out our operation for the night we would go rescue leslie and destroy the remaining thugs so I took the time to tell David that he was the only one I trusted the most with the delicate matter of keeping leslie unharmed. Before we decided to get some rest we all prepared our weapons: cleaning them, sharpening them, and getting ready to execute a full scale rescue operation and for the longest time I‘ve been having to deal with using katana‘s that weren’t suited for me. When suddenly the doorbell rang, I checked the door step through a nearby window there was nothing spare a piece of paper, I went out to get it then I read it and it said “change of destination come to the palace in Ogaki, Japan within the next three days we’ll settle this there” then I turned around to face the others and said “ change in plans they want us to go to Ogaki, Japan within the next three days, so does any one have any connections with the airport or something?” Alex had some pretty tight connections at a private airstrip over in Georgia plus one of the pilots owed him a favor I apologetically said “sorry Alex I don’t mean to waste one of your favors” he replied “no problem it would have wasted away anyways besides I have a little bit of personal business to attend to in Yokkaichi it shouldn’t take too long just a small detour” I replied “well as long as we have the spare time that’s fine” then he said “oh believe me we will have the spare time our pilot here will get us there within four hours.”

3:05 P.M. amidst the clouds on our way to Japan I began why they changed their location especially because the house we had to go to was built on the site were that first battle began. Before I decided to take a nap Lance had asked me “so how do you know if there really were thirteen of them” so I told them the story and it went like this. It all started when I got a weird order for making a tri set of sword for some royal magister over in Tottori, Japan for those of you who don’t know, I was a blacksmith prodigy back then but no more, I have all but forgotten
all of my skills over the ages, any ways about half way there, around ogaki, a group of thugs had came up and they wanted my recently forged set I had refused and they decided to take it by force and then they decided that one of them wasn’t any good and plunged it into my heart scabbard and all that’s when I found out I was immortal and stood back up pulling out the sword and getting ready for their return which came quite quickly and then I had thought I had slain all of them, then I left the leader for last who’s name was toruhito naigaro a well known criminal back then and after a very long battle I had finally killed him with the very sword that I had made and that he had plunged into my heart. Then after I had finished the story it hit me “what if I’m not immortal what if the sword I made turned me into this, its all so confusing, the magister! Maybe he requested me to make that certain sword to create an army of everlasting soldiers, yes I remember now, he made the most awkward order I had ever heard of he even had the materials I was to use in the swords delivered. The one I had used that night is long since destroyed from age and use but the others got lost in the battle, maybe the thugs have them and plan to use them for their own malevolent purposes. Now we have even more of a purpose to kill those thugs we cant have an evil army of immortal swordsmen going around trying to destroy the world, this is now a full scale operation of invade and massacre are you all ready?” Alex got exceptionally excited and Lance said I agree with your decision, but do you at least have the remains of the original sword” I said “yes I take them with me when ever I’m going to a full scale operation, why?” Lance replied “because it would help us to level the playing field if you get what I mean” then I barely understood what he was saying and pulled out the hilt of the old sword their was still a little bit of the blade left but better some then none right, I then passed it to Lance who then stabbed himself in the heart with it, the rest of the guys other than Alex got a little scared thinking it might not work but then Lance got back up saying “ it worked now every one do as I have” he passes it to Alex who then stabbed himself in the heart as well and soon got up just as Lance did but laughing then everyone else did so as well but with out the laughing when it got to David he was fairly hesitant but did it any ways when he got back up he said “cool” but then the remaining portions of the sword began to crumble then they fell of into shards on the floor then Lance said “ well at least we all got finished with it before that happened right?” then I say “yeah but I’m still keeping the hilt with me for luck and maybe a shard of the blade to analyze the materials its made of, maybe I will be able to reforge it some day” then we all decided to get some rest before w arrived to our destination. Then when there was about an hour left till we got there the pilot came in and said “ were being hailed over the radio they seem to know its us” I go into the cockpit and pick up the receiver saying “ who is this” the person on the other end replied saying “I’m surprised you would forget an old friend so quickly” I quickly responded with “ what the hell are you doing toruhito, why are you still doing these thing!” then he said “I do these things because my master asks me to do them and because you are still alive” I then say “ I don’t understand what do I have to do with you or your master!?” he starts laughing hysterically and then says “ heh you still don’t get it do you, my master is the one who commissioned you to make that sword all those years ago, oh and by the way he sends his regards” he turns off the radio while laughing very hard. Lance started to say “so the magister was the one behind all this I wonder what will happen ne-” then I interrupt him saying “ yeah and if you saying what’s going to happen next the only thing that’s going to happen next is were going to go on our little detour for Alex then we are going straight to Ogaki and killing every last one of them” then Alex spoke up saying “actually this detour is for you were picking up your swords for you, you remember the ones you asked Lance to make but he said he wasn’t good enough to make them, no offence Lance” then Lance said “none taken Alex, but aside from the point I sent your blueprints to my sword smith master and he said to pick them up in a month and, well its been a month and coincidentally he wanted us to pick them up today and that’s were we are going to land right now. But just then, right when we got into the vicinity of Yokkaichi the pilot screamed out “BAIL, BAIL OUT NOW THERES A MISSILE HEADED STRAIGHT FOR US GO, GO, GO” a hatch opened up in the back of the plan and then the pilot handed out parachutes to all of us and we all jumped out of the plane, as I look back up to it the missile hit the port side and exploded into a gigantic ball of flames headed our way as soon as we got close enough to the ground Alex told the pilot to drop from his parachute, he did has he was told then Alex did the same caught him and started leaping through the trees to get away from the imminent crash of the remains and then we all did that as well bounding through the trees trying to get as far away from the soon to be wreckage, then when Alex thought we were far enough we stopped and turned around to see the collision of the plane colliding with the ground. Then we started to go on our way to Lance’s masters household which wasn’t that far away from our current position. When we got to the front door Lance told us to stay behind because there was something amiss and he wanted to check it on his own then all of a sudden an old man in about his nineties flew out of the building attacking Lance, there battle lasted for about three minutes ending when the old man stabbed Lance in the abdomen, the he stopped and said in and raspy tired voice “ Lance my pupil you still have a long way to go before I can acknowledge you as my equal” then Lance said “my master I am sorry but that is not why we are here, we are here to attain the sword whose blueprints I sent to you” then his master said “oh yes I nearly forgot about those, they are probably my best pieces of work in a long time, most likely an equal to your seven blades my pupil, and also the one I have made these for please step forward” I stepped forward so that the old man could inspect me with his old tired eyes then he said “it is as I suspected you, are the famed blacksmith Dosutori Ashitoru, who went missing about nine hundred eighty-five years ago” I replied almost scared saying “how, how do you know of me” he then chuckled playfully, afterwards he said “ I was your pupil those many, many years ago” Lance looked at me in a bewildered state “ then I replied almost excitedly “Yoshihara Kuniie, I never thought I would see you again!” I then started to hug my old apprentice with loving embrace then said” but now it would seem like you were the teacher and I the student and it may have to be that way to, I seem to have forgotten all I have taught you and would like to restore my memories” then he said first before I help you or even give you your swords I want to see if you truly are who I think you are he raised his swords in a manor that I had taught him and I had instantly realized it taking the perfect stance to counter it, coincidentally my most common one and also the one he was never capable of learning he then said “ah that old stance that I could never figure out so it is you” after he said that he walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said “follow me this will only take about three hours, the rest of you train while we are busy rekindling this mans fire” he then lead me into his sanctuary behind the main chambers of his home we then reminisce on all of the forging techniques I had forgotten and now finally they have returned to me, while we were doing this the others were training other than Lance and Alex they were doing something entirely different “how is he my grand master!?” Lance said as if he were disgusted then Alex said “ I think this is actually something good especially if he is your masters master if you could get him to teach you, you might actually be able to prove your self to your master and he would finally let you have a pupil of your own, right?” yes, I guess you have a point so shall we get to training or what” the Alex said happily “that’s the Lance I know, lets get to it” they then begin to train so intensely that the others had to stop and watch them prove themselves to each other. After the three hours, Yoshihara lead me to his sword vault to retrieve the swords he had forged for me when he reached for them he said “ I forged these for you with the greatest forging materials known to man, obsidian and adamantite these two when combined make the strongest materials I have ever known to be use them well my master” I the respectfully told him I shall honor you and your work by destroying the one true enemies of the world the magister and his immortal army of villains” then Yoshihara excitedly reclaimed “so you have come to fix the past have you, or maybe, the future” then I happily replied hopefully I will be able to do both this time my friend, I shall be in touch but I must ask how have you survived this long?” the he sadly said “ I, my beloved friend am on another plain of existence, I have been waiting, for you my master to be acknowledged by you so that I could know if I fulfilled my vow to you when I started” I then sadly yet happily said “yes my pupil you can officially be called a master of the art of sword forging and you may pass on to your afterlife happily” then he smiled greatly and said thank you but first I must commission you to take care of my current pupil take him farther than I ever could” he lead me out of the vault and before we left the house I put the swords on my back and strapped then on with satisfaction in my pupil. Then we came in to the light of and afternoon training area seeing all of my allies waiting for us and as we walked out Yoshihara drifted over to Lance in a ghostly manor then spoke saying “I now leave you in the hands of a greater master than I will ever be, goodbye my child” he then started fading away slowly but Lance wouldn’t have it he grabbed hold of his ascending foster-parent and broke out in floods of tears for his passing master, as Yoshihara disappeared Lance turned with tear stained eyes to his new master, me, and I said confusedly “ he was your father?” then Lance sadly said “yes he found me as a baby on the road over there and all this time, how was he dead with out my knowing!?” I consoled him saying “I had not even noticed my self but things are as they are at least he is able to move on to the next world” then Lance sniffed then let out a little laugh and said “you old fool how come you never just told me I wouldn’t have gotten so attached if only you had told me” then I said “perhaps he wanted you to feel his love and not the hate of others so he kept you by his side raising you to be a great swordsmen and also a great sword smith” he then said “ yes, you are right and I guess he has found happiness at long last” then I suggested that we should move on get on our way and that yoshihara wanted us to finish of the magister and his immortal army Lance changed his mood and got his stuff and headed out ahead of us and I decided to let him walk ahead so that he could cool off a bit as soon as we got close enough to see the palace of Ogaki, Lance started to slow down and joined the group, as soon as the magister had noticed we were nearby he sent a small portion of his militia which was about five hundred fifty soldiers and they were all immortals, when Lance and I noticed them I told all the rest of the group that we should aim for the head or neck that was the only way I know of that would kill them or we could just sever their limbs in general and that would be goods enough, and as soon as I explained this the small army was within range and they started their charge cries, as did we. A little bit after half way into the battle arrows were being loosed from behind the palace walls, apparently this was an expendable unit, and because of that we had to be wary of not only enemy soldiers but arrows falling from the sky. After about another hour we had finished of all the soldiers and made our way to the front gates and right when we had opened them thousands and thousands of soldiers started to pour out towards us.

this is all i have so far.....I also have a request for anyone who reads this ...... please comment it so i can know what you think of it 3nodding

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    Lupine Poet
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    Wed Jun 18, 2008 @ 05:42am

    HA! I lied to you man. I said that I would read it in the morn, an I read it now. HA!
    Ok, not so funny, but to me it is. It looks good so far, just look over it again; there's "some" errors. Have you even read mine? You attack me to read your's and I bet you never read mine, it's in my joural as well.

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