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black_andraya's Journal
i have my journal for my quiz results and for my poems and just for friends to enjoy and get to know me better
~*the story of Violet*~
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It all started in the age of Her Majesty. Violet sat in her usual place, the chair by the window. This particular chair was located by the attic window and was considered her usual place because the view by this particular window happened to overlook the vast majority of the countryside.
Violet liked to sit and daydream, or write, or sometimes even draw by this window and because the view just happened to be so breathtaking her creativity was able to flow more freely, that and it was the quietest place in the entire mansion.
Violet hated the house except for this spot. This particular view happened to avoid overlooking the cemetary, which just happened to give Violet the willies so to speak. She hated death and everything related to death. Her brother on the other hand was the exact opposite. He loved cemetarys, loved death, and loved anything horror related. She couldn't understand his obession, thus avoided him like the plague.
While sitting and contemplating how she happened to be related to such a morbid person, that's when the usualness of everything started to change. The estate that the house was built on was protected by the best assasin's in all the land and thus no one could get in and it was equally hard for the residents (especially the children) to get out. So when she saw a tall, dark, and morbidly handsome man walking near the forest trees, Violet's curiosity was piqued.
Debating as to whether or not she should warn her parents, or allowed the notion of actually walking outside and seeing herself, she noticed the man do the strangest and most fantastically disgusting thing. He grabbed a squirrel and drank its blood. At least thats what it looked like but from this distance she couldn't be sure. Not knowing what to do, she was even more amazed to watch him disappear in the blink of an eye.
"Well I'll be damned! How did he do that?" Violet exclaimed in a rush of fasination and fear.
Knowing there was no way in God's glory a man could do that, she figured she must of imagined this man. Which then brought on a whole realm of doubts and realizations and questions of her own sanity. But she passed it off as being way to out of breath from her damned corset.
Next to death, and everything related to death, corsets where number 2 on her most hated things. They itched at the most horrible of times, they hurt to high holy hell, and they took the breath right out of you quite literally. But it was a good excuse when her sanity was in question and seeing as she was the only one debating her sanity at the moment she supposed it really didn't matter in the end.
Decideing to get back to her drawing of the week. She looked down and realized the picture of her most favorite friend in the world had suddenly been changed into the most evil looking deamon in her entire realm of deamon understanding, which happened to be next to none as she hated anything scary or related to death. She had drawn what looked to be a female deamon with no eyes and blood dripping out the sockets. But there was also blood all over this thing as well. She had also added evil looking wings and drew this thing holding a severed head.
"My brother is rubbing off way too much on me." Violet decided to blame him in the end. As, if it wasn't for his morbid fasination she would never have done such a thing.
Knowing she needed a nap she left the drawing on her particular chair, by her particular window, with the particular view and walked out of the attic to her bedroom. As she entered her room she knew right away something was not right. She couldn't tell you how she knew or what exactly about the room wasn't right, but as it was her room, she just knew. Looking around nervously Violet started her nervous fidget with her lock of hair and slowly started to move towards the bed.
Looking towards the mirror, she gazed at her reflection and had to stiffel a blood curdling scream. Her reflection was almost like the picture of the deamon only there was no wings and most definately no severed head. Moving towards the mirror with a fixed fascination she looked down at her hands and noticed they were back to normal. But every time she looked in the mirror she saw her almost picture perfect deamon.
She had no eyes in her sockets, blood everywhere, she was pale as death, and her reflection had the most scary evil smile in the entire world with teeth dripping blood. But what struck her the most was that she had fangs beside her two front teeth and they were so sharp she was sure she could tear leather with them.
Violet burst into tears while her reflection laughed a laugh so evil she was sure it was the devil incarnate. Trying to find anything to break the mirror and coming up with nothing she drove her fist into the center of the mirror smashing it to pieces. Thus starting a new fear of mirrors as well as an irrational fear of her own reflection.
Thus marking the day of when all the normality of Violet's life drifted away, marking the dawn of the most horrifying events to come, a start of unusualness not at all normal to Violet, and the slow loss of Violet's hard earned sanity.

I made this avi on tektek originally wanting it to keep to Andraya (my main char) but seeing as I'm already working on a story for Andraya who is now a soul stealer, I've decided that I would create a new char Violet. I normally have a process as to how to think of a story but this one just came to me, And if you ask me its turned out quite well so far...

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