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Super Smash Bros Balls!
(Even though the title is stupid i still love Brawl) (And I will release Pesky Plumber Super force # 13 next week)

(At the Reapers residents)

Chrome: hey guys look what i got!

Luigi: Super Smash Bros Brawl?! That game made me look like a p***y sad

Mario: You are a p***y... anyway lets try it out biggrin !!!!!!!!!

Wario: Alright!

Yoshi: Hi guys can i play? *puppy eyes*

Mario: NO! Especially what you did to me when I was a baby in the Yoshi's Island game.

(Flashback to that lol)

Koopa: Hand us Mario!

Yoshi: never!

Koopa: We'll give you a piece of gum and a coupon to pizza hut....

Yoshi: hah theres no way you ca- Did you say Pizza Hut?

Koopa: Never expires.

Yoshi: biggrin

(Flahback ends)

Yoshi: Yup that was the best piece of free pizza i ever had.

Mario: evil

Gaara: Spaghetti! *smacks into Yoshi*

Gaara: Alright lets do this *turns wii on *


All Plumbers: eek

Bush: Uhhh I mean um Heh heh heh!

Wario: o.....k.....

(2 minutes later)

Chrome: Ok everyone select your characters!

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(everyone chose themselves except for Luigi who chose Marth, this takes place inside the game)

Marth: Why was my selection graphic a maid outfit!?

Chrome: haha Nintendo took my suggestion

(At the nintendo office of suggestions)

Miyamoto: Lets see the suggestions. Wtf is this?

Miyamoto: *reads* deer mr. miya-mot0r can u lik lolzorz p00t luwjee in a maed outfut thx u 4 ur p00p

Miyamoto: I can't even read this oh well better just put Luigi in a maid outfit for no apparent reason.

(Back to the game)

Wario: ah hahaha well lets smack the s**t out of each other.

Chrome: Yay rubber ducky fight!

*2 hours later*

Mario: tehehehe hey look a challenger approaches!

Ness: Pk fire!

Marth: (hes really Luigi just a reminder) OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO!

Ness: Pk Green s**t!

Wario: Ah the horror!

Ness: Pk thunder! Pk comet rain! Pk laser! Pk ******** you! Pk Masturbate! Pk asshat!

Chrome: PK SHUT THE ******** UP!

Ness: *crys* I'm gonna go be PK emo! *jumps off stage*

Gaara: Hooray! He would say Pk this and that it was bringing my piss to a boil! I wonder what would have happened if you say... Pk Pk!

Gaara: Lolzorzs nothing happened *throws up a bunch of Ryan Seacrests* Brararararararararararar! Oh god make it stop! bararararararararara!

Ryan Seacrest: Seacrest out smile !

Wario: *fart* damn too much Taco Bell!

Marth: Mama Mai Wario we are on a small stage now you stunk everything up!

Bush: Marth saying Mama mai? *laughs a** off and faints*

Mario: What stage is this anyway I mean if its big then the smell will go away-

Chrome: Final Destination/really damn small stage......

All Plumbers except Wario: AHHHHHHHHH! gonk

Gaara: Whats Our damage percent?!

Chrome: Its over 9000!11!!!!111one!

Marth: Its only 120...ah it changed damn it Chrome!

*every blasts off except for Wario*

Wario: *starts jacking off*

(Outside of the game, basically meaning back to the everyone sitting on a couch with their controllers/Wii motes)

Luigi: what kind of a taunt is that?!

Gaara: An awesome one I wish I had that!

Wario: You’re just Jealous Luigi because i won and you selected Marth! Even though he is good....... but still!

(That Night)

Grim: Ok time to work on my custom stage smile

(The next day, Chrome is playing Brawl by himself)

Chrome: Lol look a custom stage time to edit it twisted


Chrome: eek

Grim: I have things to reap, and if i come back to find it changed........ evil

Chrome: eek

*Grim Slams door behind him*

Chrome: eek

Chrome:....... TEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE *edits like crazy*

Chrome: Oh s**t lol.....

Chrome:.............. OH s**t!!!!!!!! gonk

(All plumbers meet outside of the reaper house)

Mario: Worse then the toilet?! cry

Wario: I just-a crap-a my pants!

Bush: *shits*

Luigi: You know rumor has- no nevermind every time i come up with something you guys say its stupid and steal it.

Chrome: No we promise!

Luigi: well-


Chrome: uhhhh Luigi you didn't come up with a suggestion i can steal.....

Luigi: See what i ******** mean!?

Gaara: Don't have a period Luigi! Anyway I heard theres a secret stage that can restore stages!

Bush: I once had to battle Clinton on my a**....

Chrome: So you mean that only guys with sex change can enter?

Bush: 3nodding

Chrome: lol

(Everyone is playing brawl as themselves except for Luigi who is Marth, scene takes place inside the game)

Chrome: So this is the entrance to the stage?

Mario: So uh how did we get here anyway?

Marth: Plot holes are fun so where are we going to find a transsexual ?

Gaara: Hmmmm *looks at Marth*

Marth: NO!

Chrome: Ah cmon Marth you have the girly hair piece, girly personality, Have a girl name, and you look like one... I mean the only thing we need now is for you to be an actual girl.....

Marth: hey none of that is true!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Marth: ok well you got me there..... But i'm still not doing it!

Gaara: lol

(5 seconds later)

Marth: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaara: hey it didn't work!

Mario: Oh well were ********!

(3 hours later outside of the game)

Grim: WTF!!!!!!!!????

Chrome: biggrin

Grim: You changed it into a d**k shape!

Chrome: But it was funny!

Grim:.......wtf is wrong with you?

Grim: Anyway now for your horrible punishment all of you!

All Plumbers: eek cry

(10 minutes later)

Chrome: Why are we all strapped to the couch?

Wario: yeah!

Grim: *turns on tv* Oh you'll see.....

Announcer on Tv: And now for a 24 hour marathon of friends.


The End lol

(Pesky Plumber Super Force #13 coming soon)

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  • User Comments: [5]
    Community Member

    Fri Jun 13, 2008 @ 04:29am

    that was awsome, the reason i hit u was b/c he said u did it

    Ethereal Euphoria
    Community Member

    Sat Jun 14, 2008 @ 02:37am

    yoshi gave up mario for pizza

    Community Member

    Tue Jun 17, 2008 @ 07:12pm

    That was kinda funny.

    I use Marth in Brawl as a main though stare

    Community Member

    Wed Jul 09, 2008 @ 03:56am

    very funny but very very weird......keep writing though XD

    Community Member

    Sat Jul 12, 2008 @ 07:10am

    make number 13 long and funny XD

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