Swifter feet ran different ways
But those feet ran in different days
Ever running to and fro
From what we are and what we know
Though there is a darkness all around
The sound of fire flies comes to surround
The sound of the soul’s drum goes on and on
It fills us all with a wild song
Our feet are shifting through the grass
But we are swifter and transparent like glass
We, the children of the hated before us
Left our families who bestowed on us
That hatred which melted in our hands
Because we know those who understand
Hatred doesn’t come that easily to us
And the thought of sadness passes through us
We are all one, yet we are all different
Filled with love at times and at others resentment
The world is dark, the world is full of fright
But when we are together we fill it with light
We are happy in the world and of course we are free
In the place where anyone can be
The places we go, the people we meet
Are all pretty cool and all pretty neat
We are all one, and all the same
Playing love, playing our lives like a game
The hate and the love, none of it matters
The only thing that does is that we are together in these rad years