When the lights that played upon the water faded to the clouds
I shrugged and let it go
When snow began to fall, tearing summer to shrouds
I shrugged and let it snow
There were reasons for these seasons, these things
Taking my summer away
But I let it go and thought of what happiness brings
And waited ‘till summer would return someday
And through these seasons my heart went through so much pain
But you can’t stop seasons
And when the pain came sometimes I thought I would die over and over again
But at the same time I wanted to live without reasons
There was, however a reason I wanted to see each season
There is a slight trickle of water, although when seen it looks like a water fall
And there she is
My unreal mother standing proud and tall
She turns and smiles at me and then jumps into the water, and that’s it
She is gone
Her laugh
Her song
All gone
So if she is gone, then where am I?
I never really was sure
Until I didn’t have this blindfold over my eyes
And I saw many who were
I set out to make them so very, very happy
But they turned me around
And stabbed me in the back so very, very sloppily
And I made no sound
I just fell into the water and faded like the light
And my blood stained this creek
The creek that only remains in my memory when I dream of it at night
And turns my thoughts bleek
And tears streak
And the outlook of where I am looks meek
So I fall
But these broken bones are not what I am made of
When I think of her
And if I wondered why I am fighting, I realize that not love
Nor death can fill the life of my mother
And my eyes remained shut, though I knew in my heart
That she wanted me to live
Though I was broken and torn apart
She wanted me to be
She wanted to reveal this world to me
She wanted me to see
So she took the blind fold away from me
And though I was hurt by the bloody scene of the world
I loved it all the same
And though, like light on water she faded and made my heart cold
I loved her all the same
And she is gone
But I am here
Singing my song
And crying not one tear
I break surface and breath air
I walk to the shore
The wind blows through my hair
I am not sad anymore
Because this bloody beauty that I see
It is a scene
That belongs to me
And it is serene
At least, to me