June 9, 2008

First off, you can also find me on my DA page, kitsune-itazura.deviantart.com . Second, I haven't updated this in almsot a year, and that was just an item report! Wow. Insane...
And third: I love the new Inari's Beads and Death's Whisper. It kinda bothers me that they're so expensive, both IRL and on Gaia. Anywho, continuing the journal that I have no clue if anyone reads anymore...


It's odd. Things have felt oddly...real..the past few days. Maybe a week. Around that.
...not that it's a bad thing, it's just odd. Hanging out with theotherjinggirl (Neko), ~Sasuke Kaiba~ (Inu), and ShineBurst (Tori) just has that effect on me, apparently.

Take yesterday for example. Neko's mom's boyfriend (hereafter referred to as 'Steve' ) had to do laundry (at a laundromat- long story), so he took me and Neko to help. It was pouring outside, by the way. Beautifully, I might add. But anyways, we had a -great- time. Doing laundry. It's so weird. I suppose we felt more like a couple, and she even mentioned how we looked like a couple seeing as Steve was at the other end with his roommate (oh yeah, did I mention? He went along, too) most of the time, and we were doing her family's laundry. Plus, we had 50cents left over, so we were going to buy a cookie from the vending machine and share it, and two came out. <3

It was really nice, though, and I have to say I'd love to do it again. We just felt like a couple, and the whole day I felt close to her, and everything just seemed so...real. In a good way.

I also had a good time Saturday; Tori came over to Neko's to pick me and her up (I was spending the night <3), and we all went into Cadillac for the Anime club at the library. We met up with Inu, and played some Yu-gi-oh! bouts (I lost to Tori...but Inu lost to Neko, who was using my deck. xD), then headed to the local games shop to play D&D (for me and Neko's first time, mind you...I was a Dwarf. Unwillingly. She was a -male- cleric), and get free stuff. It was, well, oddly fun. It probably would have been more fun if we knew everyone, like, had our group of friends play together. Wow, that'd be insane. But fun.

Anywho. That's about it for now. It's odd how typing things out can make you feel even better about things. I'll try and get some pictures up tonight, but if I can't, I'll at least try to draw a bit. But now I have to mow. The lawn annoys me, but beckons me. *sigh*

Anywho, bye again for now!