So many friends, old friends, and old girlfriends, and new girlfriends. a new day for me, an old memory that went sour suddenly turned sweet. my loneliness dissapeared as I entered Gaia. more friends I never met worried about me, felt bad about me and wanted to help. they stretched their hands to me, and I accepted it. I don't want a sour life, I want a sweet one. I want to be happy, not unhappy.

if whatever I'm saying is nonsense to you, then my heart will shatter as the pain I feel is mocked and ignored. only one kind soul was able to get me out of the fires of pain and agony in my heart, Riku Tyson Motosoua. she was kind enough to soothe my suffering.

may she read this, and I will love myself and whoever wants to help me.

I thank you all