So this Saturday didn't turn out whatsoever, on account of the fact that Brandon's parents didn't want anyone over and we weren't allowed to have it here because my parents despise my disobedience... and also I found out my uncle is in the hospital and possibly dying ... but I won't talk about that. x.x I just hope he's okay, but I think he will be, I don't feel like anything is going to happen to him.

Friday however, Steven invited me to tag along to the mall so I hopped to it, because I was bored as heck at home, hanging out with Steve is usually fun, and I needed to go look at shoes anyways.

So I finally got there after what seemed like forever because of the buses running on the hour after 6, and we went to buy his D&D book at Coles and I just read manga while he did that. I was looking at a manga by Arina Tanemura, the same creator of Fullmoon, and I actually liked that manga so far so I might try reading it online soon. (I'd buy it if I wasn't so broke all the time) It's called The Gentlemen Alliance (Shinshi Doumei Cross in Japanese)

Then we went to the Food Court and he offered to buy me food, but I feel bad when people pay for me unless I'm practically starving or ask them... so I just had a drink instead. Then I dragged him off to look at shoes for like 2 hours because that's how I roll. B) The very last shop we visited had the exact kind of shoes I'd hoped to find.

Then we went to Walmart and walked around aimlessly looking at whatever felt like (he bought some vitamins though I think) like fishies and video games and I saw someone I know from school there and he waved at me lol. We did epic stunts that involved running through the doors while they were closing (you know the ones you're supposed to enter from XD) and trekked the awesome road back to his house. (I call it awesome road because I love walking that way more then I logically should)

At his house we played MARIO KART. I had the Wii Wheel and I totally kicked a** (and by kicking a** I mean I came in last more often then I didn't) and we played online against peoples and in the last round I came in 4th PLACE! XD I was so proud of myself I danced around the basement. (even though 1st place is more worth celebrating for hahaha) I decided I hate Bowser's Castle with a passion, and that Koopa level with that stupid tunnel that always made me turn around in circles.

I wanted to go outside and run around the park because I was seriously full of energy, but Steven didn't want to go outside. ;-; So I danced around his basement to burn energy and acted like a general idiot. Oh yeah and there was --- wait for it--- CARAMELLDANSEN. God it's so overdone now but I love dancing to it so much... xD;

I guess it's good we didn't go outside because there was a lightning storm and rain outside all the while I was arguing and I didn't even know LOL~ But after Steven went to bed and the rain stopped I pranced around outside and sang at the park because that's what I do. Then I came back and played Flyff until 4:00 in the morning, trying to level up my Aaolyn.

So needless to say I slept in for a pretty long time. Steve had to go to a dinner party thingy, so I decided I'd go to visit Ricky because I hadn't seen him in like 3 months or some ridiculous amount of time. I don't think that went very well to be honest. -.-; Oh well.

So I went home and levelled on Flyff. And Sunday was full of levelling too. I am now level 51 on Chasia. ;3 2 more levels and I get some fancy new purple armour! and after that only 7 levels until I can become a Ringmaster! Hehehe we'll see if I can stop slacking off and get there sometime soon.

Anyways that's about all for now. I say it's sure a good thing Steve asked me to do something Friday because this weekend would of been sucktastic otherwise. So thank you for saving me Steve. XD

Oh, and here's to the last week of school~ heart Ganbatte!