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-Chronic Angels-
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Profile for Robin Smith
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User name -chronic angels-
Name: Robin Smith
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Human

Personality: Robin is a very energetic but emotional person, breaking down to even the smallest negative statement. Besides that, she is a very happy-go-lucky person, often being spotted simply humming a soft tune to herself as she walks along by herself. Friends love her because of her dedication and determination to keep joy in everyones life, even at the expense of her own happiness. She refuses to wear anything that costs more then average, saying it's a waste of money and would rather spend it on actually doing things.

She is far from the 'prep' type, wearing only a long pair of denim jeans and a shirt, the sleeves stretching an inch or two past her palms. Bright orbs shine from her smooth face, her somewhat pale skin bringing out the greenish color locked away within them. Her slender frame stretches to about 5'7", holding magnificent curves that seemed to be brought out more by the tight pants she chose to wore. Her slender and curved filled body surely made up for the slight lack of a chest brought upon by her mothers' side of the family. Her oddly dark hair flows past her face only to be crudely cut a few inches past her shoulder line.

User ImageBio: Robin grew up very poor, almost homeless in fact. Her parents, desperate to bring a decent life to their daughter, resorted to stealing minor items; An apple, a pair of shoes, school supplies, etc. etc. Though it was obvious that they were stealing, they never admitted it, swearing that they were saving up spare change tor each item. They only hoped that their wrong doing wouldn't reflect on their daughter or even drag her into stealing all together. Of course, she eventually realized what they were doing and developed a growing hate over her parents.

As Robins hate for her parents grew deeper and deeper, they pondered their money problem. How could they settle this horrible bill that seemed to haunt their very being? No matter where they turned, it seemed like they were moving in circles, every idea leading them deeper and deeper into debt. Then one day they took a risk. 'Call now and resolve that debt problem of yours!' blared a TV set that was set up inside a roadside store. 'We can help you to reduce that monthly bill! Just listen to these stories by people like you that we have already helped! That's right, these are people JUST LIKE YOU!' yelled the TV set as the camera shifted to a new character to the seemingly infinite commercial. 'At first I didn't believe it, but now look at me!' exclaimed the person, whom had spoiled themselves with expensive sports cars and a very inviting house in the back ground. 'They helped me bring my SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR debt down to just TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! I WAS AMAZED! And you will be too!' Sure, whatever. Just another scam to get your credit card number, right? Well, apparently, WRONG! Robins' father, tired of living on the streets, picked up the phone and dialed the number on screen, deciding that they had nothing to lose.

As time went by, they slowly pulled themselves out of debt and started building up a savings. What do you know, that stupid TV commercial wasn't lying! By the time Robin had reached her freshmen year in high-school, they had saved up quite a bit and had begun showering their daughter with the spoils of wealth only to have them turned down. Nearly five years have passed and she still held a certain anger over her parents, bringing her to turn down everything they had to offer. In her mind, they shouldn't have stolen anything in order to bring her a better childhood. She believed that doing something as wrong as stealing wasn't something to be traded for her happiness if it would bring the original owners of those items grief and despair. Guilt and remorse quickly swept over the two parents, who quickly resorted to a simple apology for the apparent wrong doings they had committed. Of course they were eventually forgiven, Robin completely forgetting the whole ordeal in a matter of time, and life went on as it should have.

For awhile, life was gorgeous. They took daily trips to the beach, the park, amusement parks, the zoo, living life to the fullest. But by the time Robin reached her Jr. year in High-School, her mother was struck by an alarming case of cancer, bed ridding her. Robin was thrown into a downward spiral, leading her into the very pit of despair. Her father, on the other hand, did his best to bring joy back into her life, assuring her that her mother would quickly get over the fatal growth. Taking his word for it, Robin continued on at school while her father tended to her ill mother. By the time Robin was about to graduate from high-school, her mother had long passed away. By this time, Robin had promised herself to put those dark thoughts behind her and continue on with her life, which she did.

Now living on her own, she sets forth into the world of college! Ah, sweet, sweet college life! Where dreams are shaped, bars are open 'till you pass out, and hormones rage! Oh, the joys! It was in one of these very bars that Robin met an amazing man! Joshua Angels was his name, and a glorious one at that. He wasted no time in smothering Robin in the spoils of romance and love, stealing her still beating heart right from her chest in one romantic night that seemed to end all too quickly. Her life quickly formed around his, seemingly fitting just perfectly, filling each and every empty gap that may have left her with a aching welt in her chest.

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