Soooo the other day I went to go see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull with almost all the group. I hadn't ever seen an Indiana Jones movie before this, so suffice to say I was very, very pleasantly surprised at the kickass-ery of it all, especially Indy himself. I am now determined to watch all of the other Indiana Jones movies, which we are going to do this weekend, along with watch Star Wars because Christie has never seen it.

As stated above, I enjoyed the movie immensely, especially the action scenes ... but there was one element of the movie that really brought the quality down and almost ruined it, and that was the whole aliens thing. I mean, the aliens themselves were bad enough, but c'mon, that spaceship at the end? So cheesy and didn't fit in with the rest of the movie at all. |: Luckily it had plenty of other great elements to make up for it, so I recommend anyone who hasn't seen it to go watch it.

After the movie we all hungout in front of Timmies and waited for Christie, Brandon, and Dan's bus. Dustin also made an appearance eventually. I kept stealing Azzy's hat and running around and being generally hyper. xD There was also this thing with the bottle that wouldn't die because Azzy kept going to get it. I just wanted to kick it.

After the bus came, the rest of the night was spent hanging out at Ferris and talking about anything you can think of. The title of this entry derives from the fact that Dustin kept seeing yiffing furries in the clouds and yelling, "THERE'S YIFF IN THE SKY!!!" We did backward rolls off the little hills then Dustin failed to climb a lamp-pole and we lol'd at him.

Then we hung out in front of Azzy's house until like 1 in the morning and discussed creepy stories, then I walked with Dustin to his house then walked back down the dark lonesome streets home. XD Man why haven't I been raped yet? Azzy was worried about me and and went out looking for me but I was okay as always. No one was up when I got home so I wasn't even busted for it. >.>; I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even know I'd been gone that whole time.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. Possibly nothing. But Saturday is for sure gonna be fun.. if we can find somewhere to have it. >.>; Azzy thinks Brandon's house. I'd offer here but my grounding is still in effect.

Tomorrow I have to bring my costume for the play, but I have no shoes to go with that dress. So perhaps I will see if mom will take me shopping tonight to buy some shoes. It's pretty much overdue. >.<

Funny how I got my controller but I haven't even played Twilight Princess yet... I keep putting it off... >.> I should finish up some things and go do that immediately. Srsly.

Anyways, Eternal says sayonara~~ heart