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Nonexistent Love
the infos in the jounral
chapter 3
The three girls flew high into the sky on broomstick to reach there desitantion the castle to save there friend and younger sister figure before it was to late “are you sure there a castle around here?’ shouted Felicia as she was being levitated by Diana “ im positive if we keep flowing this path where leading on it should lead us to Mari “ ‘well lets hope your periedtion wasn’t wrong dia-chan’ said the broomsticks driver Tesshara then Diana stared at her “ trust me Tess my perdictions are never wrong, now hurry and speed up we have to get to Mari before the guys in black do” said Diana in a half angry half worried tone of voice as tesshara picked up the speed and the girls went flying across the sky.

Meanwhile at the foot of the castle Mari started to wake up as she put her hand on her head getting up shakily as she opend her eyes slightly she gasped at her sorundings it was nothing but darkness with slight of red if you look though maris eyes. She looked around so see if she can sense her friends auras but they couldn’t be found “where..where am I ? “ she said sounding scared as her body shook with fear. Just then a figure came up from behind her it stood up it was a person alright it was also a male because of the black jacket he was wearing showed the outline of his chest even thought you couldn’t see his face but he was a bit tall, he walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder mari sighed of relive and smiled “thank goodness I thought for a minute….” Mari turned her head slightly to see that it wasn’t her friends beucase his arua was a different color a very dark purple one too she was able to escape from the mysterious mans grip and tries to run for it but her path was blocked by a black creature with yellow eyes she walked back but the man that was behind her gripped Mari’s arm’s with his hands , holding her not letting her get away “please..let ..go of me you pervert” she said softly trying to sqrium free from the mans grip but it was no use the black creature walked up to her, it jumped up and slips its hand though her chest Mari closed her eyes waiting for the pain to come but it didn’t. She opend her eyes slightly looking at the black thing in its hands was a heart shaped object with a light pink arua, she then knew it was her heart that cloaked man let go of her as she ran/stumbled to get to the little creature but it had disspared along with her heart, mari put a small pale hand upon her chest before fainting to the ground.

Then right after she passed out another person in black apperd this time having the outline apperance of a young boy “ is she going to be ok ?” he said looking at her “ I dunno but she did look determind to get her heart back..for a weak minded girl “ “ she looks pretty cute if you ask me” " dont fall so easliy for the victim and shouldnt you rember by now Demyx that we dont have hearts thus not letting us feel anything" i know you dont have to be telling me that all the time Xaldin, besides i was only steating an opion" said Demyx picking up Mari in a bridle-style carry her head resting on his shoulder "We should get her inside no use leaving her out here alone" he said walking to the castle Xaldin opened his mouth to say something but he was inturrepted by a strong force to the ground.

Felicia let a smirk come to her face as she grabbed the mans hood in her hand gripping it slightly, slamming his face in the dirt before turning him on his back and grabbed him by the chian that as on his cloak letting his down letting fleicia see his face she raised her fist and puts itup in the air " what you did to my little sister is unforgiveable, and for that you will pay" she said punching Xaldin in the face letting him meet the ground yet again. Demyx saw what happend to Xaldin and ran into the castle he panted slightly as he looked at Mari who was stll out cold he smiled slightly pushing the hair away from her face " i dont care what he says she's still cute ". Then he was hit not once but tiwce in the head thankfully he didnt lose his blance caring his knocked out ferind he turned around and saw two other girls one with short light brown hair with dark borwn tips waering a blue flannel shirt and a black skirt and another one with shoulder lenght light voilet hair a black tank top with a gery trenchcoat and some pants and both of them looked mad the second girl took a step foward " i suggest to put down my freind" "unless you whant us to beat you" said the brown headed girl Demxy put the girl down gently as he was told by the to girls.

Just as he put down the girl another hodded man poped out "Demxy take the girl to a room or something Xenmas said he might find her useful, ill handle theses babes" with that said Demxy careied Mari up the stairs gone from sight both girls sarted at the man "dude your so going to wish you havent met us" said tesshara glareing at him with a passionate hatetrade the guy just stood there "relax cutie im not going to hurt you or your ferind..much" he sumond two chakrams with a fiery blast Tesshara stared the man down as she put her hands together and mutterd something under her breath closing her eyes as a ball of light started to apper from her fingers Diana could only wacthed, In a sceond her eyes widen feeling soemthing was going to happen she moved to the side a little and waited just then the doors oppend qiuckly with a loud boom and a body came flaying in it was Felicia her body collided with Tesshara who couldnt finshis the spell in time becuase of her then both she and Felicia collided with the man as the three of them feel to the ground.

Felicia woke up groning a little as she got up cluchting her head then saw Diana far to the right but unhramed " how come your not hurt?" she said looking at her trying to ignore her headache "i sened before it happend although i didnt warn Tess in time" she said wacthing Felcica getting up on Tesshara who as no on top of the male "then why the hell didnt you warn me?" " well i didnt whant to distureb your little spell so yeha" Tesshara only groweld getting up bet then took the oppritunity and took her foot and wacked the guy where the sun dont shine the male yelled in pain as he curled holding his lower half. Tesshara smirked at her victory "now that where back together lets go get Mari".

The girls gather together as they knew that they have to fight these people in order to save their young friend. Tesshara pressed her hand together and muttered some words that had dispersed from the world centuries ago as her hands and her necklace glowed a emerald green light as her hands parted away green spark emerge from her hands as the balls of energies balled up into her hands the second girl Diana she closed her eyes as the air around her made the tail of her trench coat flow against the wind only there was no wind around the place her eye slowly opened to relive that her pupils and turn into a brilliant white light while the color of her eyes changed from there clam meadow green color to that of silver coins while the last of the girls Felicia she may have no magic powers but she was in a fighting stanch looking tough a usual her years of learning Martial arts will soon be paid off.

Meanwhile Demxy carried Mari into a room and placed her carefully and gently onto a bed “ for a young girl you sure can weight a ton” he said thinking back when he had to carry her up a couple flights of stairs “ your friends are pretty tough to. The others will have a hard time with them” he became quiet feeling that it would be weird taking to a person who had been knocked out, from down below of the castle he can her the screams and crashes that was coming from the fight he left the room and ran as fast as he could to see the battle unfold as soon as he reached the battle field a lighting strike had stricken the three girls there screams of pain echoed though out the castle as soon as the light and the smoke had cleared he could see clearly which girl had fought who the brown hair one had a couple of burns and cinder marks around her body and her clothing meaning she had battle and lost to Axel, the boyish looking girl clothes looked like they had been cut and ripped a part even thought he couldn’t see that there was a little blood trailing down her arms a definite sign she had gone after Xaldin, the last one the girl with the trench coat had throwing knifes stuck in her thigh where blood had pooled around her jeans he gulped feeling almost sorry for her because she had went up against the only girl and might be the powerful and scariest member Laraxene all three hearts where floating above all the three girls now they have lost the battle and there hearts.

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Zoku Zetsubou
Community Member

Mon Nov 17, 2008 @ 06:41pm

nice mrgreen i wounder what is next lol

Community Member

Sat Nov 22, 2008 @ 05:07am

lol thats cool

Community Member

Mon Mar 23, 2009 @ 07:49pm

o no I need to keep going^_^

User Comments: [3]
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