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The Pesky Plumber Super Force #12: The King and dinner.

The Plumbers don't know if their Canadian or not!
They killed the fake Rick Astley!
They Forgot what they were supposed to do!

Lets see what happens in this Daniel Radcliff episode of....
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Mario: I found out!

Gaara: What?

Mario: We don't live in Canada!

Gaara: That was last episode.

Mario: yeah but that means we shouldn't be celebrating because its only good if
you live in Canada!

Chrome: *gasp* But that means.....

Luigi: Hes...

Wario: Still....

Chrome: DEAD! biggrin

Mario: stare

All plumbers: biggrin yay!

(Yes they are that stupid)

(At the Burger King)

Gaara: So I was like thats not ketchup thats obviously a**l blood!

Wario: Thats worse then the time i went to the doctors.

Chrome: well this is the vets and they serve great food!

Wario: Why are we here?

Bush: heh heh heh Luigi shots,neutered,and a** raped smile

Gaara: Shots I guess I already did the 2nd one when he stole my toys, but whats the last one for?

Chrome: Lol cause its funny.

Luigi: Wtf guys I'm still here and we all ordered Whoppers, but its been 2 hours whats the hold up?

Chrome: Look its that guy!

Chrome: Hey you! Why did you eat our s**t!

King: Mah Boi This peace is what all true warriors strive for!
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Burger King: Did someone say my name?

Chrome: OMG 2 of them?

Gaara: OH NO!

Luigi: Uh you mean you guys can't tell the difference between the Burger king and that fat ********?

Bush: Lol no.

Burger King: I'm out of here....

Chrome:NOOOO! Don't leave us with that evil King!

King: Dinner biggrin

Chrome: eek

Mario: Are you ok chrome?

Chrome: Yeah I think I'm ok-

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Gaara: Lol?

Chrome: OOOOOOOOOOWAH! *runs off*

Wario: Think we should go calm him down?

Gaara: Lets eat Spaghetti!

Mario: Ok smile

(Where Chrome is)

Chrome: *running down the street* diosdfuobfo!

*car drives up, and window slides down*

King: Dinner smile

Chrome: gonk

Chrome: Oh look a seemingly convenient dock! biggrin

Worker: hey thats not ordinary water! Thats-

Chrome: Whee *dive*

Worker: Oh well one less body to violate...

Worker: yeah you heard me! ninja

( Where the other Plumbers are)

Bush: Me be bored....bomb the house again?

Luigi: No! Don't you remember what happened last time?

Wario: no...

Luigi: uhh flashback?

Mario: Nope.


Gaara: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That was hilarious Luigi! Hehehe bastards.....

Luigi: I wasn't joking. Anyway wanna see that new Indy movie?

Mario: yeah I heard Lucas also directed it with Speilburg!

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Mario:NO DON'T EVEN! ******** NO! I meant George Lucas!

Lucas: awwwwwwwwwwwwww.................

Gaara: Ok well the new Indiana Jones movie it is!

(3 hours later)

Gaara: How did they know my mothers skull was shaped like an aliens cry

Wario: No wonder she killed herself......

Gaara: lets go to the vets Wario! twisted

(Back where Chrome is)

Chrome: lol what could go wrong?

Beach Boys: Yellow Submarine!

*Yellow Submarine charges Chrome*

Chrome: Heeeeeeeelp!

Batman: Wait wait WAIT

(scene changes to hostpial where all plumbers are bandaged and casted)

Batman: How does this all lead up to your injuries?!

Wario: How does this all lead up to you interviewing us?

Batman: Well uh you know because uh......


Fred: Lets GTFO!

Chrome: hehehe well we may be all ******** up, but it can't get any worse right?

King: Mah Boi I brought you flowers!

Chrome: eek

King: *pull off mask* Never gonna give you up!


Rick Astley: Muahahahaaaa twisted

Bush: cry

Luigi: Kame Hame SPAGHETTI!

Rick Astley: *die*

Wario: Wow why does he keep becoming easy to defeat?

Mario: Look a letter!

Chrome: I'll read it smile

World: ******** NO!

Mario: Dear Pesky Plumbers,
I have taken over Iraq
I reside in one of
my 7 koopa hotels!
I dare you to find me!

Ps. Thats not the real me
Pss. Suck my balls
Psss. ******** Spaghetti!







All Plumbers:NOOOOOOOOOOOsjifngvobobfubifBVNSHEU902489085!!!!!

Chrome: Pack your s**t everyone were going to Iraq smile

Gaara: Oh boy smile !!!

Bush: 3nodding

Luigi: *facepalm*

Will they kill the real RickAstley already?
Are they this stupid?
Will Luigi find true love?

Find out on the next.....
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Harry Potter: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Harry Potter: Dumbledore HELP!

Dumbldore: What is it?

Harry Potter: Plumbers! spaghetti! retard robed guy! cry

Dumbledore: Calm down Harry! This must be the work of You-Know-Who!

Harry Potter: The King?

Dumbledore: Mah Boi!
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  • User Comments: [3]
    Community Member

    Fri Jun 06, 2008 @ 12:56am

    wtf thats friggin hilarious XD............ whens the next one coming out?

    Ethereal Euphoria
    Community Member

    Sat Jun 14, 2008 @ 02:32am

    Gaara: How did they know my mothers skull was shaped like an aliens

    Wario: No wonder she killed herself......

    that was funny

    Community Member

    Sun Jun 29, 2008 @ 04:06pm

    that was funny xd roflmao

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