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Enigmatic Ramblings A place for me to put art and other things. <3

Enigmatic Phantasm
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Message in a Bottle
If I could catch time and keep it in a bottle, I would play back all the moments when you smiled at me. Each confident smirk, each friendly grin, every twisted curl of your lips that meant you were up to no good. I'd watch you and I'd laugh and I'd cry. Things might be different if I could make time obey me. I think about you all the time these days. If I could catch time and keep it in a bottle, I would forever replay those moments we had together.

If I could catch time and keep it in a bottle, I would go back to the last time I saw you. I would have said something kind to you. I would have made you laugh. I would pause time forever and make it freeze in my cruelty. I would stop everything and pull you from your car before your soft skin blended with glass and metal. I would take you somewhere else so that time could continue for you. I would erase the sirens and the sight of your blood spread over the dashboard as the helicopter arrived too late to rescue you. I would make time give you back what it had stolen.

If I could catch time and keep it in a bottle, I would erase the terrible things I said to you. I would let things pass by as if I had never hurt you. I would laugh and watch us sing those songs we used to sing badly out of key over and over again. I'd build ten more of those crayon volcanoes with you and we'd have one to match every color in the box. Maybe we'd make up some new colors and call them names that no one has ever heard before. I would have put more notes from your 'secret admirer' in your locker, with plenty of cheap, garish gifts. I would have stayed after school with you just to sit and listen to you talk about your boyfriend and your hopes and your dreams.

If I could catch time and keep it in a bottle, I would play over and over again the times that we sat laughing over nothing in the darkness. The way you laughed at me when I attacked the provolone and how we used to smash goldfish on the counters. I would watch again the way our faces looked when we realized our tent was flooding and there was a bear outside. My eyes would widen when I saw how small and innocent we were, how beautiful our idyllic paradise was. If I could, I would take you in my arms and hold you until time itself shriveled up and died in its glass cage.

If I could catch time and keep it in a bottle, I would bend it to do my will. I would hurt it and abuse it for what it's done to me. I would love it and caress it for what it's done to me. I would feed it ketchup and mozzarella sandwiches three times a day, and if it was still hungry I would feed it diamond dust until it was satisfied. I'd polish its bottle every day and smile at it, and then I would laugh and flick my finger on the glass until it was crazy. I would buy it a new suit and take it to the movies with friends. And in the night, time would point its fingers at me and laugh with sickening joy. Because there are some things that even time can never change.

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Nartian Starship
Community Member
comment Commented on: Tue Jun 10, 2008 @ 10:02am
-small gasp-

That is an amazing piece of writing.


comment Commented on: Wed Jun 18, 2008 @ 12:43pm
From the amount of visitors that you have on your profile, I'm surprised to see that there aren't dozens of comments already taking up the page here. This was a poignant but beautiful read, and if it is true, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Car accidents are absolutely horrible things, but I'd like to think that your lady friend is in a better place now. May she be looking down on the world in Heaven. ^^

On a different note, you have a such knack for writing - poetic and clever, I'm always impeccably drawn to it sweatdrop . Writing is such a good way to express feelings and I'm glad I was able to read this, sharing some of your feelings with you through it too. =)

I hope you're doing well these days, Eni-kun. Your lack of presence in the now ex-courtship thread means that potential infiltrators are going to come in and ruin my tirade! You have to be there when I want to eat them roasted! scream

P.S - Despite all the compliments above, you still ain't as hot as I am. The nights you spent crying for me did nothing to change that. Clearly, it remains that Jay > Eni. talk2hand

Just thought I'd keep your ego in check so that you could fit through the door. I'm way too cute. 4laugh

Community Member
User Comments: [2]
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