Meanwhile; nearly ten miles away from the small village of Veletara, a large, dark castle tried to conceal itself behind a series of tall trees. A creepy, repellent feeling shrouded the area around it. The sky and the ground below it was still. The sun was slowly lingering towards the west, still up in the mid day sky. Three tall stone towers stuck out of the large alcazar with three smaller one place in-between them. For such a old building, it was in superb condition.

Three men and one woman were gathered in a room inside of the mansion. Two of the men and the woman were sitting, while the third man was standing. The room was quiet, besides the light tapping sound coming from the foot of the standing man. He seemed to be waiting impatiently for someone or something.

“Where is she?” The standing man asked, not even bothering to look back at the other three. At first the room staid quiet, not a sound came from the others, until the woman spoke up.

“Would you like me to go look for her Deimos?” She asked the man, tapping her fingernails lightly against the marble-topped table.

“No,” The man replied back, finally looking back at the three. His arms were folded against his chest, one arm coming up, resting his hand under his chin. “She knows what will happen if she doesn’t show.” He said with a slight evil snicker. Deimos was a well build, handsome man, standing about six foot and a slight muscular build. His short hair was blacker than the nights sky and was pushed back with a large amount of jell, causing it to shine in the light. His skin was pale, making his blood red eyes stand out even more. The style of clothes that he wore was a bit more on the fancy side. He wore a plain shirt under a jacket; the bottom of it was cut vertically in half from his upper thighs and falling down to his ankles. His pants were just a bit tight, growling looser as they traveled down his legs. A pair of shiny black boots, which were hidden under his pant legs, covered his feet. It was all black; the details were silver and bronze. His nails were a bit longer than usual and his canine teeth were enlarged, and his ears where a bit longer than normal wit a pointed tip, the typical traits of a vampire. His age was indefinable, but he looked to be in his late teens, early twenties.

The woman sitting at the table was called Maeva. She was about five foot six and was at normal weight for a woman her size. Her hair was long, flowing down to her mid back. Its color faded from a midnight black to a dark blue; her eyes were a matching blue color. Her hair fell over her left eye, although she would occasionally push it out of her way. A small black beauty mark was located to the side of her right eye. Fingerless fish net gloves covered her hands, going all the way up to her elbows. She wore a one piece, blue jean, body suit that zipped up in the front. It had no sleeves and it ended less than halfway down her thighs. Some of the fabric was rolled up at her legs, which made the outfit appear shorter. There was a collar around the neck of the shirt that she had lying down flat. The body suit was also unzipped until just under her belly button. A black tank top covered the rest of her chest, but exposed her bare stomach. Maeva wore a studded belt around her waist that had a few charms that hung off of it. A pair of blue socks stuck out of the boots for about a half inch and a half. Her style was much different than the rest of theirs. She appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties. Like Deimos, she had very pale, cold skin, longer nails, which were painted blue, pointed ears and enlarged canine teeth.

“I haven’t seen here all day. She locked herself into her room.” One of the other men spoke up. For a vampire, this man’s skin was darker than the others. His name was Aeolus. He was six feet five inches tall had a strong muscular build, as shown by his thick arms and wide shoulders. His age was also indefinable, but he looked to be in his mid to late twenties. His nails were filed down, he never like them long, and his ears were also pointed. He was the less formal of the three men in the room. A white tank-top covered his muscular chest and a pair of baggy tan pants hung off of his waist. A pair of gray shoes covered his feet. There was a large tribal styled tattoo covering his left upper arm and one of a large cross with thorny vines covering in on his right. His hair was short and spiked up. It was a bright red color, opposite to his gray eyes. A pair of brown gloves covered his large hands and a pair of goggles was placed on top of his head.

A sigh escaped the last man’s lips as he listened to the other’s conversation. His name was Xayne and unlike the others, he knew his actual age. He was a full blooded vampire by birth and was still young, only nineteen years old. His skin was a pale, milky color and he had a fair complexion. His ears, teeth, and claws were like a normal vampire. Xayne had silver hair that fell over his right eye in the front with the other half pushed to the side of his face, spiking out in the back. His eyes were a metallic silver color that seemed to glow in the darkest night. The color of his eyes moved slightly from time to time, resembling liquid mercury. Xayne was currently wearing a black jacket with a silver furry hood, unzipped, with a dark gray shirt underneath it. A pair of acid-washed jeans covers his legs, a hole in each knee; the bottoms of his pant legs were pretty torn and tattered too.

“Then I guess we’ll just continue as normal.” Deimos said as he made his way towards a large chair at the end of the long marble table they were all sitting at. Just as the man pulled out his chair, two large wooden doors flung open into the room. A few clicks could be heard thought the room from a woman’s shoes hitting the ground.

“What’d I miss?” The woman asked, looking over at Deimos. With a slight smirk, she headed over towards an empty chair. Her white hair faded out into purple, the same purple that here eyes were, was just above shoulder length and was parted at the side of her head. It flowed backwards a bit as she moved across the room. A black corset covered her chest, tying up in the front with a purple ribbon. There was purple lace around the top and bottom of the corset, which ended at the middle of her stomach. Her black pants fit perfectly around her waist but soon became baggy, eventually tucking into her knee-high black boots. Two purple buckles were placed on each boot. She wore black gloves on her hands, cutting off so that her fingers were showing. The cuffs of the gloves were purple and folded down. Also she wore a purple band around her left forearm. Her skin was pail and contained all the traits of a vampire. She looked to be about her mid to late twenties, although she had forgotten her real age a long time ago.

The others glared over at this woman, “You’re lucky you got here when you did, Velia.” Deimos spoke up, revealing the woman’s name. He sat down in his chair, crossing his legs and placing his elbows of the arm rest of the chairs, tapping his fingers together in a triangle shape. He looked as if he was contemplating something, something evil.

“Get over it.” Velia thought to herself in a cocky tone as sat down in a chair. She leaned back in the cushioned chair, resting her head on the back. Her bright purple eyes shifted from one person to the next, ending with Deimos.

“Moving on…” Deimos muttered, trying not to get angry at Velia. The woman was smart and strong but she aggravated him to death. “Maybe for once you could show up on time…” He thought to himself, looking over at Velia. A sigh escaped his pale lips as his red eyes stared blankly into the center of the table. The room was now quiet; not the peaceful quiet like a newborn baby had just fallen asleep in the room, but more like the eerie quietness of a morgue. Dark, wood shutters blocked all sunlight from entering the room though the windows. Crimson red drapes hung to the sides of them. Only Velia, Xayne, and Deimos were day-walkers; Aeolus and Maeva were not. The bright sun hanging in the afternoon sky would turn them straight into ashes. “Tonight we’re going to do another search.” Deimos spoke up, breaking the silence that filled the room. The flames of the candles lit in the center of the table blew back and forth in a mysterious way. “If we want that power we have to locate it first.” He said in a serious tone, looking at each of his comrades.

“How do we even know what we are looking for?” Aeolus spoke up, speaking in a confused tone. The power that they were looking for had only been found once but the person died after he had found in and took it for himself, leaving no record of how or where to achieve it. This power didn’t even have a name; besides what Deimos decided to dub Crimson.

“When you’re near the person, they will have a strange aura, one like you have never felt before. It should make you think of fire… it’s hot, and if you’re lucky enough to see a portion of the person’s aura, it should glow red.” Deimos said, folding his fingers together and waiting for a response. He sat still, thinking of what Crimson could actually be like. What he had just told the others was all he knew about it, well, besides the fact that once they find the carrier of Crimson, he had no idea how they were going to extract it from them to use as their own.

Maeva looked over at Deimos, “Do you at least know where we could start looking?” She asked him, placing one hand on the table, resting her chin in her hand. “Also, it would be nice to know if we’re looking for a human or a vampire.” Her questions seemed to be asking a bit much, but she couldn’t help it. She needed answers, and she figured everyone else more-than-likely had these questions on their minds too.

“I’m not sure where you should start looking. But if we all split up we’d have a better chance of finding him or her, seeing as how we’d be able to cover more ground that way.” Deimos replied to Maeva, his tone of voice was becoming a bit calmer now that he was cooling down from the predicament with Velia earlier. “I suspect it would be a human, seeing as how we can see each other aura’s and humans are so faint that we can rarely see them.”

“Good point.” Maeva replied, looking at Deimos. Her eyes traveled up towards the ceiling, her mind wandering off. “So, it’s a human we’re looking for.” She thought to herself, a smirk slowly growing across her lips. “This may be easier than suspected.”

Xayne looked over at Deimos; his metallic eyes seemed to be shifting the different shades of silver and gray around, like a puddle of liquid mercury. “Your point may be true but I’m still wondering if it’s legitimate or not. I mean if nothing is known about Crimson then how do you know what the aura looks and feels like? How can we be sure that you’re not just making this up as we go along?” He mentioned in an icy tone. Xayne folded his arm over his chest as he sat back into his chair, looking at Deimos with is one eye that wasn’t covered by his silver hair.

“Books have been written for a reason.” Deimos replied in an unenthusiastic tone. “Do you really believe I would be naive enough to make something like this up as I go along?” He said with a smirk. His white teeth were bright compared to himself and the surroundings. “I know you’re all smart enough to catch me in a lie like that, or so I believe.” The man stood up from his large chair and slowly approached a boarded window. His pale hand reached up for a handle on the left shutter that covered the window, then opened it slightly. A bit of light flooded into the room, creating a river of light across the floor and the wall behind him. “It’s still bright outside, but once night fall comes, our search begins.” Deimos said with his blood red eyes locked onto the vast, dead forest before him. He held back a round of evil laughter, awaiting its turn to flow though the sound waves. Instead, he just snickered evilly. A black crow few across the sky, stopping onto to perch on the roof of this mansion. It cawed, saying that it was safe for the other birds to come. Soon after a flock of crows few up from the ground below, perching next to the first black bird. Deimos turned around, shutting the wooden stutter behind him. The river of light that danced across the floor was now no more. “Once we discuss who will be searching where, then you may all return to doing whatever it is that you wish to do.” The man spoke up as he approached his large chair. He ran his fingers across the back of it, letting them slide across its painted golden edge. The red eyed man returned his arm and hand to his side and sat back down in the chair, making sure that the tail of his suit-like top didn’t bunch up in the chair as he sat. “So, does anyone have any preferences?”

Velia looked up, her violet eyes meeting up with Deimos’s red ones. “I would like to search the neighboring villages.” She spoke up with a slight hint of enthusiasm. A smirk slowly spread across her face as she awaited a reply. “Human’s don’t like to be out alone at night. I think we might find something if we search the villages where there is more of them.”

“She’s got a point.” Aeolus said after Velia finished speaking. He leaned back in his chair, lightly taping his fingers together as if he was contemplating something. “I’ll search the area around the villages. If Velia finds one and they try and make a run for it, I’ll be there to get them.” He said with a straight face. Aeolus turned his head to look at Velia, hoping that she would agree with this plan. His red hair flopped over his head, parts of his bangs were nearly in his eyes, but it didn’t seem to bother him too much.

“Fine then, you two can search the villages and the area around them. I’ll search the area within five miles of this castle. It should be easy to find them if for some odd reason our target may just be walking around the Dead Woods.” Deimos said, nodding as he replied to Velia and Aeolus. His red eyes then made their way over to Maeva and Xayne. “So, what about you two? Where are you planning to search?” He asked them in a quiet tone, sinking back into his chair.

“The two of us will go search Terina.” Maeva spoke up. She knew that with Xayne’s quiet nature, he probably wouldn’t speak up unless he had to. Besides, it would be no fun to go alone. Xayne seemed like just the person that would be fun to bring to a large city like Terina; so many people, so much to do, so little time.

Xayne slightly nodded his head down as he looked over at Maeva with is metallic eyes. He had no objections to searching Terina. Like Maeva, he though that it might actually be a bit fun. “I can see the look on their faces right now. When a human see’s a vampire, the look on their face is priceless!” He thought to himself, laughing in his head.

Deimos nodded once more. “Alright then, everyone knows where their going and where everyone else will be.” He said as he stood up from his chair once more. His arm stretched across the table, reaching for a golden bowl that was about two feet away. Inside the bowl were a few apples. Deimos picked one up and wiped it off on his sleeve and took a bite out of it. He chewed the piece and swallowed it. “We leave at sunset and meet back here at sunrise.” Deimos said as he headed towards the door. The tone of his voice grew quieter as he walked away.